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Stressed out with work? Try trampolining!

Got too many tasks at hand? If the gym at your workplace trampoline, get onto it and start bouncing. The fun form of exercise can improve the functioning of the immune system, boost circulation, bust stress, build alertness, prevent varicose veins and more.


Also called rebounding, trampolining is a cardio vascular activity involving jumping. To start, stand with your feet about 7-8 inches apart and do a warm up where you just bounce gently at first for about two minutes. You can start to bounce higher as you advance and include a jump and feet tuck while in the air. The workout tones up the quads, glutes, and calf muscles effectively. It also builds the metabolic rate. It also stimulates the body’s lymphatic system at least 25 times more than any other activity. What’s more, most people – especially corporate folk – experience stiffness and tightness and this movement helps release that. If you cannot jump, you can even try a walking motion on the trampoline.


Causes the valves in the lymphatic system to open up and aids lymph drainage

Leads to higher metabolism

Builds the core

Aids weight loss

Increases blood circulation

Strengthens bone density, joints an ligaments

Increases endorphins and boosts the mood


According to research from NSA, trampolining can boost cardio and burn calories more than jogging.


– Always have a fitness supervisor or instructor at hand before you try this.

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