How To Make A Garden: Everything You Need To Know About Gardening Basics To Start At Your Home



Gardening is a peaceful activity. Grounding oneself, tending towards the mother nature is the most spiritual learning. You’re helping yourselves to unfold the layers of the person you’re without the intervention of your negative or ill thought that could sprout from the fears you hold at the back of your head.

Nature is the best teacher than the experiences that teach the lesson of values.
Nature has a way of reaching out to us. An old book from the bestselling authors, “Ruskin Bond “, who has an intriguing way of writing the novels. But these stories turn the wild experiences in the book to a beautiful reading experience.

The philosophy swings differently for different people. For a farmer, cultivating the crops and making sure the annual yields are up to the mark is to make his living. Chances of a botanist raising a plant are the essence of love to study and research the creation. And, for the rest, it is the soul essential for survival.

Here are some tips for you to make your house a true home:


1] Plan ahead before you start building the garden at your place. Know your place, especially the ground and in case of high gardens, the plan would change accordingly.

2] Make sure there are proper outlets for the excess water to seep out of the gardens. As excess water also kills the plant.

3] Exposure to proper sunlight. Irrespective of indoors or outdoors, in the plant kingdom they require sunlight for growth, if not, the warmth of the light and heat from the sun.
Topping with the right care, you can just follow the rest of the concerns as a second priority.



1] Test your soil, the root of having a nice garden is to maintain the soil fertility throughout the seasons. In many places, snowfall and scanty rainfall could turn the purpose topsy-turvy.

2] To know the texture of your soil is very important. Say, if the soil has a texture which is clay-like the harder it is to grow the plants with bigger roots. It is very important to have fresh soil to let it aerate in the deeper areas of your root.


1] Start with easy plants to understand the process well. Which take a small time to yield. Start with vegetables as it is not only easy to grow them but fun too.
2] As they say, the first yield should be inspiring for you to take the further step from easy-to-grow to bigger yields.

1] Just because few plants are easy to yield doesn’t mean you can turn the time and yield them in a day. How? By watering more? Mind you! This can only take turns and fail your plants from yielding.

2] Water with good hope and love and see the result for yourselves. This process teaches you the utmost patience.

All the best for your new home!

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