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Kareena’s Tips for Postpartum Hair Loss !

She completed the look with bold black lip colour in an emphasis Lakme’s theme this season #FreeYourLips focused at freedom of expression. She has got is all, the ever hot and ravishing beauty who has the most beautiful baby, who has the highest paparazzi craze in the country, Taimur Ali khan.


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She balanced the challenges coming her way like a pro. With the cutest baby inhouse she pulled off the postpartum challenge with ease. Let us take a sneak peak how she pulled it off…

Shedding hair at a noticeable rate in the first two to six months after having a baby is not unusual—online parenting groups and social media status updates are full of new moms posting, “Is this normal? I’m freaking out!” But the experience can vary among women.


Words from the very David Salinger, the Sydney, Australia-based director of the International Association of Trichologists “Not all women will experience this condition, and some may experience it in one pregnancy but not another,”


This is what Kareena claimed in her own words to tell that she was none the less open to vulnerable shifts post Taimur’s delivery.


  1. Don’t skip rice out
  2. Make coconut a part of your diet
  3. Black sesame seeds are a saviour
  4. Munch on some cashews
  5. Go easy on styling
  6. Change your hairstyle
  7. Try reducing stress
  8. Massage your scalp


With the best of instructions, Mrs Kareena Kapoor Khan follows these rules religiously without breaking any rules. Rujuta Diwekar, ensured that Kareena takes the right measures. insists that a postpartum diet should be highly nutritious and should include rice. Rice is a great source of essential hair loving vitamins that are essential to maintain hair health post-delivery.


Let us talk about maintaining the right appetite!

Rujuta Diwekar insists that a postpartum diet should be highly nutritious and should include rice. Rice is a great source of essential hair loving vitamins that are essential to maintain hair health post-delivery. So! My friends! un scratch the point and include ample rice in your diet.


Gooy and soft, aromatic and liquidy!

Kareena Kapoor included coconut in various forms in her diet. This is because coconut helps reduce hair loss and slows down the greying process. “Coconut chutney with tamarind and a little bit of ghee for breakfast”, was Kareena Kapoor Khan’s favourite way of ensuring that she got her daily dose of coconut.

Magnesium Boost

According to Rujuta, cooked black sesame seeds are a great way to promote hair growth and combat hair loss. These seeds are brimming with calcium and magnesium, and work really well to strengthen your hair.


The power of Cashews!

The secret behind Kareena Kapoor’s lustrous postpartum hair is cashew nuts. This is because more often than not, postpartum hair loss is nothing but an iron deficiency and cashews help provide the required dose of iron and magnesium. Rujuta included a handful of cashews in her every day diet to ensure that Kareena’s hair looked fab at all times.

A healthy diet full of nutritious foods coupled with a few lifestyle changes, will ensure your postpartum hair loss does not continue to be a monumental task. Following are some simple lifestyle tweaks you can follow to combat postpartum hair loss like a pro!

Go easy on styling

Besides the pollution and present-day work culture, your hair strands are a little weak postpartum and therefore are more prone to breakage. Using heat styling products on your hair could worsen the issue and make your hair appear thinner than it actually is. So ladies, avoid using straighteners, curlers and blow dryers until the shedding stops.


Enjoy your motherhood!

Stress is one of the major reasons that cause postpartum hair loss. Take steps to practice stress-reducing activities such as meditation and exercising. This will help regulate hormonal imbalance and significantly reduce hair loss.


More attention to the scalp!

Often times after pregnancy, your hair follicles tend to become slightly dormant. To help spring them back into action, we suggest you indulge your hair and scalp in weekly oil massages.


Go you mothers! You own this world!

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