How to Maintain Healthy Hair: Know Your Hair Better With The Best Hair Care Tips

Know Your Hair Better With The Best Hair Care Tips

Choosing the natural way of hair care, treating those fragile strands with herbal products and following mother’s remedies,  all be it your hair dresser’s hair spa treatments! It never ends. There are surplus products and remedies to counter all the hair fall problems. But one must remember to evaluate their body ‘s requirements and the supplements that is needed to combat the deficiencies.

The hair cells are the fastest-growing cells in the body but they are also the first ones to be affected. If you don’t eat right or suffer from deficiencies because just because they aren’t required for survival. The texture of your hair describes your health the best. It is untrue that hair is just as good as a non requirement to survival, there are many reasons how the hair protects the largest organ of your body.

Often it is said, that the leafy green vegetables and spinach are the best fit to consume for tackling
Iron deficiency. Include pumpkin seeds, beans, chickpea, soybeans, cereals in your diet. Doctors also suggest that there is nothing wrong in consuming iron supplement every day. The normal consumption of iron is around 12 mg per day. Try this out, before you reach out for any other medications.


Despite the inner health concerns, external care is not that conducive these days as everyone is running after their work, responsibilities. The fast pace technology and life is berating the way we treat ourselves, let alone our relationships. People easily retort to food pleasures, thus consuming junk to satisfy unrelated issues. To let the stressed mindset and body calm down and relax, people should understand their body functioning and appetite patterns or seek help.

The hair care tips below are for both men and women, though both have different hair cycle patterns for hair growth and hair fall, all are subjected to stress at different levels. The below best hair tips should encourage you enough to take responsibility of yourselves and maintain the same through the odds.

How to Maintain Healthy Hair: A Few Basic Tips

• It’s normal to lose 100 to 150 strands of hair a day so don’t panic when you see a small bunch crawling across your tiled floor.
• Comb wet hair with extreme care because they’re fragile and prone to breakage. Take a broad toothed comb and run it from the roots to the ends of your hair as gently as possible.
• Trim your hair every few weeks to get rid of those brown and rough split ends. Cut about 1/4th an inch of your hair every 6 to 8 weeks to avoid the split ends to grow out again.
• Don’t wash your hair every day and whenever you do, apply some conditioner on the ends. Try and use the same brand of shampoo and conditioner.
• Rinse the conditioner off with cold water as it is good for both strength and shine.
• If you’ve got dry hair then it’s best to avoid coloring. Use lemon, chamomile tea or honey as they work as great hair lighteners. You can add lemon juice to water and spray it over your hair when you’re heading out.
• You can rinse your hair with brewed chamomile tea after you wash them with shampoo or add honey to the water you use to wash your hair.
• What are sulfates? They’re the reason your shampoo lathers the way it does. They’re the reason why your eye stings when you shampoo and strip your hair & scalp from its essential oils. Use a shampoo that is sulfate free.

Besides, the basic tips here are a few serious hair care tips at home that will bring results like no other. Though we retort to treatments the change and the result is temporary. Inculcating the below tips in your daily life leaves you in better shape and health.


Home Care Tips for Healthy Hair:

1] Deep Conditioning
2] Do not use heat tools
3] Home-made hair masks
4] Oil, the best elixir.
5] Identify seasons
6] Choose diet wisely
7] Hygiene


1] Deep Conditioning Treatment at Home:

Deep conditioning is not far away from conditioning, though you condition your hair after shampooing your hair, there are stubborn strands and hair locks that need more conditioning.

Here is how you do it. Apply a generous amount of conditioners from the root of your hair to the very end of the long hair locks. Use a broad toothed comb and run it through your hair to make sure the conditioner reaches everywhere. Now, pull them up and clip them together. Leave the conditioner in for anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour. Pull them down, rinse thoroughly and enjoy silky smooth hair.


2] Do not use heat tools:

If you’re stepping out and want gorgeous curls or perfect waves, then there are a few ways you can get those without taking the help of a dryer, straightener or curler. Create serums to protect your hair if the tools are a must use.

• Take some almond oil, coconut oil, hair conditioner, 250 ml water and a small empty spray bottle. Pour 200 ml of water in the spray bottle and add 2-3 drops of coconut and 4 to 5 almond oil to it. Add two tiny drops of conditioner. Don’t use too much of it because it will lather. You can add lavender or some nice smelling oil if you’d like. Add the remaining water and shake well. Let the lather settle and it’s ready for use.

• It’s all about butter with this one. Take 4 ounces of shea butter, 4 ounces of cocoa butter and 20 drops of any essential oil of your choice. Heat the butter till it’s all liquid and let it cool. Add the essential oil to an empty, sterilized jar and pour the butter. Let the jar cool down till the butter takes a solid form again.



3] Home-Made Hair Masks:

The easiest part of them is all the ingredients are just found in your pantry or at your arm’s reach.

1. Egg, curd and mustard oil – If you’ve got hay-like dry hair then here’s the answer to all of your problems. Eggs are rich in vitamin A, B12, D and E, fatty acids and protein. The protein helps strengthen the roots, the fatty acids make it a natural hair conditioner and B12 helps add volume.

2. Avocado and peppermint oil (as suggested by – Also referred to as the butter pear, avocados are creamy, rich and the only fruit combines the protein of meat, fat of butter, vitamins and minerals of green vegetables and a nutty flavour. Mash some avocado, add a drop or two of peppermint oil and apply this mask on your hair. Leave it in for 15-20 minutes and wash off.

3. Olive oil, coconut oil and egg – Suggested by Bella Fitness blog, this one’s the ultimate mask for speedy hair growth. Warm 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, let it cool, add one or two eggs and two tablespoons of olive oil and apply.


4] Oil is a Definite Hair Grooming Agent:

The properties of the oil are vital for the hair. Almond oil and vitamin E oil give a robust hair growth that helps in volume and moisturizes your hair locks too.

• Coconut oil comes most recommended by hair experts and mothers! It can protect your hair from sun damage, dandruff and removes sebum build-up from hair follicles accelerating hair growth.
• Also, If you’re suffering from hair fall then olive oil would be a better bet.

• Massage your scalp with the mixture of olive oil and cinnamon powder. You could wash it off after 15 minutes.

• The other famous method is suggested by Nicole Charnel on Charnels You just have three simple steps: Leave-in, oil and cream. Treat your hair with light water followed by light coconut oil. After a couple of minutes, you can apply shea butter or apply a creamy conditioner.


5] Identify Seasons:

Despite the health concerns, like addressed before winter seems to be one such season where the hair fall is more and that of the summer where scalp needs to meet the required moisturization. The natural oils, however, frame a good source of moisturization during summer but during the winters extra nourishment is a must.

Unless you live in a highly tropical rain forest where the humidity is naturally high.

Around this time of year many men and women – though women in particular – become aware of more hair being lost during washing or brushing than normal. After careful analysis, Swedish researchers have confirmed that some hair loss is indeed seasonal.


6] Choose Your Diet Wisely:

More than fancying your keto diets and other minimal consumption know this. The very factor that you’re not aware of your body and are willing to host the vitamins and minerals can only increase fat in the unwanted areas.
Hit a balance with 20% indulgence maybe and 80% nutrition diet. Cut down carbs from outside unless it doesn’t have sugar. What frevolent treat is it to have a dark chocolate vanilla pudding without sugar?

Consult your physicians or gynecologists to know more on healthy diet and let your doctors prescribe that supplement which is vital for hair health. A balanced diet with regular exercise keeps your metabolism upright and the hair fall in check. It is the best natural exfoliation compared to anything.

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