Thicker eyebrows are in! Follow these tips to have them naturally!

Thicker eyebrows are in! Follow these tips to have them naturally!

Over the last few years, big and bushy brows have become a rage. The latest brow trend has replaced skinny or pencil-thin brows, which was a big beauty trend in the 90’s. Eyebrows define your face and thicker brows add a youthful touch to your face. If you’re not blessed with a thicker pair of brows, you can always fill in the sparse areas or make them look thicker using brow gels. But if you’re looking for something natural and long-lasting, then we’ve got the right tips for you.


Thicker eyebrows


Here are 4 ways to get thicker brows naturally:

1. Don’t pluck

First things first, don’t over pluck your eyebrows. Excessive plucking and even waxing will prevent the hair from growing back. Eyebrows grow in 2-3 months cycle, so not tweezing for a few months can actually show a lot of difference.

2. Moisturise

 Your brow area needs to stay hydrated and nourished. Use some petroleum jelly to lock the moisture. You can apply this 2-3 times a day to promote hair growth.
Thicker eyebrows
3. Oil massage
The way oil works for your hair, it will do the same for your eyebrows. You can use castor, olive or coconut oil to promote hair growth. Dip a cotton swab in oil and gently massage before you sleep.
Thicker eyebrows
 4. Egg whites
Egg contains protein, which helps to promote hair growth and nourishes hair follicles. Beat white egg and apply this solution for 20 minutes.
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