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5 tips to protect your eyes this summer

Protect Your Eyes

Summer season can take its toll on your eyes, if you do not take care of them properly. Eye specialists say that there are many ways the season can affect your eyes.

Excessive outdoor heat can create a lot of strain for your eyes. For some, this leads to dry eyes and itching. Dermatologists say that when you go out without sun-protection glasses, then you tend to crinkle up your eyes to see better and this leads to wrinkles. It also ruins your look as the make-up runs into the eyes. Here are a few ways you can protect your eyes…

Doctors say that when playing outdoors sports it is always best to wear protective polycarbonate eye-wear and also sun-protection glasses. Getting hit in the eye is also something that you need to save yourself from.

Harm to your eyes can be irreversible if you don’t take proper care. Doctors insist that following all guidelines given by your ophthalmologist is essential. If you are not careful, contact lenses worn for long can permanently harm eyes. Use a fresh batch of lenses and make sure that you clean them thoroughly every time.

Being extremely gentle when it comes to your eyes is the wisest thing to do say doctors. Vigorous rubbing won’t get rid of eye debris, rather blinking them will cause tears to flow which can wash out the debris. Rubbing will break and tear the cornea which might lead to infections.

Don’t hold on to eye makeup that is more than three to four months old. And avoid using fingers to wear eye make-up because bacteria on your fingertips will get transferred to the make-up palette and later cause infections in your eyes.

Using relaxing eye drops can help deal with computer vision syndrome.

Avoid staring at your computer for a long time. Make sure that you take frequent breaks.



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