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Top 10 Ways to Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning

Be it no AC in the house, you don’t want to rev up just yet or trying to save up on energy bucks, there are quite a few ways to beat the heat this summer as the mercury keeps on soaring. Listed below are some of the better alternatives. Read on.

1. Drink sufficient water

Probably the primary step in mitigating sitting around all sweaty and gross, loading up sufficiently on this wonder liquid is panacea to many concerns, especially during the summer months. Water prevents the body temperature from sky-rocketing, thus helps cool off your system. There are so many hydration myths ‘floating’ around the blocks. One of them being that drinking too much water could be bad for the body. Trust us to point out the fact that they aren’t anything but old and stupid myths that need some serious busting. The human body, on an average, needs about 3.5-4 liters of water regularly to function at its optimum level. Don’t be rigid while trying to stick to this standard, though. Hey! This is water that we are talking about and overdoing it by a liter or a half can only do well. However, try not to fall below the approved limit.

2. Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables


Include fresh fruits and vegetables like mango, watermelon, grapes, kiwi, cucumber and a lot of green leafy vegetables. These fresh fruits and veggies will keep your body cool from within. Also, it will keep you hydrated in the sweltering heat. You can either relish fresh fruit juice, punches or salads to satisfy your taste buds while coping up in terms of nutrition and hydration.

3. Serve yourself some frozen treats

Though a primary source of hydration, water isn’t the only thing can keep you fine in the sweltering Indian summers. Make yourself a frozen slushie; they can step up your endurance levels, especially when you feel that you might have to step out in the sun or want to torch a few calories in the gym. Also, water can get a tad too boring, so never mind if you want to mix it up a little bit. Lemon juice, protein slushie and the likes can fit in with your purpose just as fine.

4. Find your fanny

Fans may not cool the air as much, but as it keeps the air moving around and that, when it makes the sweat evaporate, you tend to feel cooler as compared to what you were, in still air. Build your own fan fortress in the house; set them up in hallways and rooms in such a manner that they give you the all-important ‘cross-breeze’, or ventilation, to be more technical. Ventilation draws in the cooler air from different places and draws out the warmer air outside.

5. Vent out the heat!

Keep the heat of the sun outside and once the temperature outside starts picking, vent out the warm air from your house. Here, curtains that block heat can be exactly what you need. Never mind the ones that look extremely futuristic (imagine a space blanket), what matters that it’s should do what it’s supposed to. Keep them closed when the sun is shining bright outside with the temperatures knowing no bounds. And then when it gradually starts getting relatively cooler outside, take off those curtains and make way for the warmer air to go. Warm air goes out, cooler air comes in; what a wonderful world!

6. Let’s get damp naked, shall we?


When all we are talking about are ice-packs and compresses, just try getting naked (damp naked, to be precise) and sit close to a fan or a cooler. Just don’t overdo it because you don’t want to be wrapped in a fleece blanket with the flu and you have your own retreat and a very relaxing one, at that.

A quickie cool shower, glasses of cold (but not chilled) water with a few slushies thrown in and wet washcloths put inside the fridge, and you are ready to go.

Keep the chill on.




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