7 Foolproof Ways To Find More Time To Exercise

7 Foolproof Ways To Find More Time To Exercise

Exercise is vital and there are no two ways about it. Apart from improving your health, mood, and energy, it reduces the risk of developing several diseases and health conditions like diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

Most of us want to eat right and exercise regularly. But we simply aren’t able to find the right time. Can’t we do anything if we put our minds to it?


Here are seven ways to find time to exercise:


#1 Start small

Packing an hour-long fitness session into your already brimming schedule might prove to be too overwhelming in the beginning. So, the idea is to start small. When I say small, I mean very very small. You can take out 5 minutes of your time no matter how busy you are. Being busy is not an excuse! As a matter of fact, the busiest CEOs of the world dedicate a not-so-small portion of their day to stay fit.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg works out three times a week.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is in the gym at 5 a.m. every morning.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk exercises about twice a week and he works 100 hours per week.

If they can do it, so can you.

Action point: Go for a 5-minute walk, dance for a few minutes, stretch your body after you wake up, or even lift weights for five minutes before you hit the shower. Before you know, those five minutes will turn into a 30-minute session.


#2 Limit Your Time On Social Media

The biggest complainers of not having enough time are often guilty of spending mindless hours scrolling through social media. Think of the ways you can spend this time actively. An average Indian spends more than 3 hours daily before a screen. Cut down that time by half and you have more than an hour for exercising.

Action Point: Set a timer before you start using social media. Stop once your time is up.



#3 Spend Some Money

Money is a great motivator. Spending some will be a good incentive to show up for the activity you have signed up for. Hire someone to clean your house or someone to babysit the kids. Invest the free time you get into your fitness routine.

Action point: Join a gym or book sessions with a personal trainer.


#4 Rethink The Way You Socialize

Hanging out with friends does not only mean movies/dinner. Exercise is really enjoyable and fun. It gives a chance to unwind. In fact, being active together is a great way to build bonds. Likewise, reading to your kid is fun but running around with them in a park is way more fun. You also get to burn a lot of calories on top of fun.

Action point: For the next date/get-together go for a hike or play some sports


#5 Choose A Fitness Regime You Love

One of the reasons you lose the will to make time for exercise is because you do not enjoy it at all. Just because your exercise partner loves running doesn’t mean you do too. You probably love dancing or fencing. If you are not enjoying your exercise sessions, you will unintentionally do anything to let it fall off the schedule.

Action point: Take some time to understand your fitness personality and do what you love best.



#6 Work Smart Not Hard

If you are really pressed for time, explore exercise options like HIIT that will twice the amount of calories in half the time. Post-HIIT your body will continue to burn calories up to 48 hours. It is not a specific type of exercise, you can do it with sprints, jump ropes, battle ropes, kettlebells, burpees, or whatever strikes your fancy.

Action Point: Check YouTube for HIIT workout videos & find out what resonates with you the best.


#7 Recruit Someone To Cheer You On

It is easy to become demotivated when things become too hectic. That is why you need a cheerleader to keep you going with positive messages. Someone to hold you accountable when you slack off.

Action point: Nominate a family member, friend, or personal trainer to encourage you every day.



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