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A Chronic Death

Temptations can often lead you to unbalanced eating habits. Serious diseases such as diabetes, irregular blood sugar levels, fatty liver take their place in your body. Ageing is a natural process causing your body to be less responsive to stimulus and the dying immunity to add on.


Hijackers such as antibodies seep into the doors that are half open already due to low nutrition levels and your body hosts them with undying hospitality. Yup time to act! No more alarming!


Certain diseases such as Diabetes type 1 is chronic too. There are two types of Diabetes Type 1 and type 2. Wherein type 1 is a very serious condition as the body fails to produce insulin unlike type 2 which could be treated and cured. However, type 2 is often caused due to overweight and the irregularity in the blood sugar levels.


Let us sit through economic standards and the impact of Diabetes.


People with Type 1 diabetes have to take extreme precaution to stay alive, by taking their insulin doses. Calculating the expenses, it could bring an average of $6000 annually. Gauging through economics can help you understand the vitality and the criticality of the condition. It could go on varying, depending on the severity of the disease.


Turn the graphs around and plot yours and set your insurance money aside, you never know when your call taps you. Ideally, health insurance is far more important today.


Insurance and the medical treatments have become parallel threads, today. To those lot of the population who do not have medical coverage, quite sure they would have made their own amends with the mortality rate. This is the brutal honest fact.


Screening the Diabetes


As per the American Diabetes Association, Type 1 is concluded   to be the most severe of the other diabetes as it is chronic and critical. The challenges in a lifetime is unparalleled. But, just like the silver lining to the dark cloud, this too is manageable


TYPE 1 Diabetes


   Ideally, there are certain symptoms that could help you understand the need to rush to the doctor.


  • Increased thirst
  • Fatigue and Weakness

  • Blurred Vision
  • Frequent urination
  • Extreme hunger pangs.
  • Unintended weight-loss

This is popularly known as Diabetes Mellitus. Treading with it quite cautiously is very important. Popularly, this epidemic is known to be juvenile Diabetes, where the child’s body fails to produce insulin naturally.


The stakes are quite high as it can develop at any age. A Blood-glucose meter can help you indicate diabetes. On the nutrition scale, learning how different foods affect your blood glucose and how to manage that within your daily routine will be the key.




There is research underplay to fight the Diabetes Mellitus permanently. Though the standard treatments are monitoring the insulin and glucose level of the body. Yet after all the measures, patients are still at the risk of facing complications to the eyes, kidneys and nerves in the long term.


The body’s main source of energy, the blood-sugar level is often the reason for many setbacks in our health. Hypoglycemia is one such diabetes that could produce excessive insulin in the body causing you to lose your appetite. Loss of appetite can further lead you to a plethora of problems.


Inducing lot of protein rich food in your diet could help you regulate the insulin levels. Such as Greek yoghurt, berries, salads and consuming high sugar drinks and fruits can help you hone your blood sugar levels. Better yet this is under the prescription or analysis of the doctor as he could best analyse the underlying cause.


Vaccination against Type 1 diabetes is a way of preventing them in the early stages of life. Yes it exists.


It is best to keep up your health with a little indulgence and a good diet. A balance between the two can help you gauge your body’s requirements and it’s potential to sustain the odds.


Stay healthy!


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