A Divine Therapy - Music is truly the gift of nature! Health Pick

A Divine Therapy!

Tuning fork in sound therapy

Tuning fork in sound therapy

                      What elevates the mentality of the humans apart from cannabis and alcohol?


A high dose of drug?

A long sight at the sun diving deep into the ocean?

Oh! Maybe a swim in the calmer spring water?

Damn! How about that light lovable track playing in the background lying next to it in a cozy cushion and turning the day downside up? Hell Yes!

Who says no for a getaway? But here is the real deal, channeling that energy and giving a refreshing experience with no less than 5 minutes is a big deal!




Music therapy

See how music influences your mood to express or suppress feelings. Besides it has the power to make us feel the emotions such as happiness, sadness, even feel energetic and relaxed most of the times.

Therapists and few doctors suggest their patients to enjoy a getaway or even put them through music therapy. The reason being, music has the power of healing oneself. Reuniting the events in your brain and reliving the moments again and again.

As time fades! The events you reminisce become good old memories. Our brain, the cerebral changes that happen when your body is exposed to music is counter witnessed by the doctors with evidence.

When they found out the relaxed muscles in the cerebral activity, it became official that music therapy is one therapy that is safe to prescribe without a prescription.

Indian Classical music.

According to history and origin of this music, there is an element of “Nada Yoga”. Where “Na” means or refers to life (prana) and “Da” means or refers to fire.

Raga on the other hand, known as the tune, is a set of selected notes that is formed with immense creative sense and clever placement.

For example:

Hindolam – Known as the hypnotizing raga. Has a deeper effect as the meditative raga and is also acclaimed as the spring of many seasons.

This particular raga creates increased feelings of compassion and reduces anxiety leading balanced blood pressure point. This tune is profoundly created as the divine tune that enhances spiritual emotion on listening or singing.

A stage shared for creating music with an abundance of ideas is a rich life. Musicians across the world and in nation are innately gifted and work hard to chisel their skills. They feel the tune through their souls before publicizing it or airing it across the globe.

What a fascinating way, they have the gift to pour life to the tunes that are bound to enchant the listeners.



A brain disorder that has developmental challenges especially in social interaction and communicating their feelings.

People with autism disorder show high level of interest towards music. This in turn increases their response and decreases the time taken to respond and to hone their senses.

It aids not only their communication and in establishing normal developmental process.


Music therapy for children

Ever heard that the pregnant mothers feel their babies’ moments as a sign of communication when the mothers are exposed to calming music?

The same goes to the new-borns as it calms them from being uncomfortable in the new environment. Music also paces the heart rates to calm rhythm and get deeper sleep post the therapy.


Music is truly the gift of nature!

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