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All You Need To Know About The Cervical spondylitis

My fingers started tingling and my neck would feel stiff all the time. I ignored it at first, pretending it was just some muscle spasm because of my new pillow. When it lingered on for a few days, I did warm water fomentation and popped in some pain killers. The pain and stiffness reduced but it came back with a bang a few days later. Going about my routine chores and through my exercise regime was becoming very difficult. I couldn’t get through the day without holding my neck in pain. This told me that something was definitely wrong. After talking to my physician I went to see an orthopedic surgeon who-a few x-rays and scans later – declared that I had Cervical Spondylitis. No small talk, no comforting and no explanations – he gave me the disturbing news as if it were nothing. “It’s here to stay and won’t go. Physiotherapy along with pain killers is the only treatment for it, which too is the only palliative. Progressively it will worsen and you will eventually need surgery.” What the orthopedic told me disturbed me but I decided to do some research on Cervical Spondylitis before I hopelessly accept it. And what I discovered scared me.

The treatment for Spondylitis is essentially pain killers, occasional steroids, and physiotherapy. And surgery is indeed the last resort. And what’s worse is that pain killers hurt more than help. Most of them affect our kidneys, liver and/or stomach lining in the long run. I cried, panicked, talked to friends, and cried some more. That’s when one of my friends recommended Homeopathy to me. I had heard about it through friends and even seen a few friends get better withHomeopathy. But I still used to wonder whether those sweet pills can really heal? With some reservations, and in desperation, I went to see my friend’s Homeopath. As opposed to the 15-minutes which the orthopedic surgeon spent with me, this Homeopath gave me 65 minutes of his time. He heard me out completely, answered all my queries and gave me ample of reassurance along with those sweet pills. Gradually but surely, all my complaints started improving. I was feeling much better and regaining my life back. I was able to do everything like before – exercise, swim, cook for my family and jump around like nothing had happened.

I am so grateful to my friend who introduced me to Homeopathy. But most so, to my Homeopath, who has shown me what a real doctor-patient-relationship should be like. During the several conversations, I had with him, somewhere I started to feel a human connection with him. I could talk to him so easily and he seemed to understand me so well. Every time I went to his clinic for a follow-up I would come back feeling even more reassured and rejuvenated. I am so glad that I resorted to Homeopathy for my condition. Yes, now I know for sure that Homeopathy heals! And I recommend it to everyone for the treatment of all kind of health issues.


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