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Amazing gifting ideas for your loved ones!

Amazing gifting ideas for your loved ones

Gifts are the best way to show you care and what better than gifting health to your loved ones. Here, we bring for you a quick check-list of pocket-friendly health gifts ideas that you can shower on your friends, parents, spouses, colleagues or to yourself to stay motivated for better health days.


Weighing Scale


Name one person in your circle who is not facing weight issues. You will hardly find any! Few are overweight, others underweight and few weight-obsessed. Yet, an equipment as simple as a weighing scale is not present in every house. This happens because we tend to ignore the most obvious and focus on other hyped goodies.  A weighing scale will keep a measured check on weight management and help tackle problems which arise due to obesity. Also, a regular weight check motivates lifestyle modifications.



Yoga mat / Sipper/ Fitness Bands/ Walking shoes


Gifts that bring fitness and fun into a home bring more agility and longevity. Another gift idea to promote outdoor activity or a simple morning walk routine is walking shoes,  sipper or yoga mats. A sipper will keep them hydrated. Fitness bands will monitor and track fitness-related metrics such as distance covered, calorie consumption and in some cases heartbeat and quality of sleep. And the attraction to wear a new pair of walking or jogging shoes will definitely pull a person out of the bed. You can either make a hamper and gift all of these or select few and leave few for the next time.


Anti- Pollution Mask


Now, when you are promoting outdoor activity to your special ones, air pollution can surely be a challenge as well as a deterrent. Hence, an air mask is the best gift to morning walkers. A good mask offers high protection against air pollution, dust and allergens. This is a welcoming gift for people with lung diseases or prone to allergies or who love their walks and miss them during high pollution days.


Pill Organiser


An inexpensive way to help a person remain healthy and independent is to support them in taking their medication every day. One gift that can help simplify medication management, giving peace of mind and maximizing independence, is a pill organizer. They come in a variety of styles, from daily to monthly storage options, and a variety of sizes.


Full Body Checkup


An annual health check up is the best gift you can give anyone. The basic goal of a health checkup is to find the hidden diseases in the body by a comprehensive screening of the entire body, helping in both preventive healthcare as well as disease management . There are many options available now and is a reputed name in the industry for the same. They offer health packages at the lowest price, free home delivery, online reports, click away convenience, free doctor and dietician consultation.


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