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Are you making this sitting mistake at the office?

Sitting Mistake At The Office

Sitting for long has been described numerously as the one big mistake that people make, with experts even putting this on par with smoking. Inactivity for over four to five hours at a stretch raises obesity risk as it accumulates the storage of fat, increases joint stiffness and bone deterioration, risk of heart disease and vein-thrombosis. In a graphic released recently, it shows a how-to guide for correct posture and sitting in the office, so as to combat back pain.


Here are tips to help you improve your posture at work, if you have to deal with long meetings and being desk-bound…


1) Keep the monitor eye level

Not many realise this, but it’s important to ensure that the eyes are not strained – either looking downwards to a computer screen or upwards as this will cause a neck ache and leave you vulnerable to cervical disc injuries.

2) Relax the shoulders

Make sure your shoulders are relaxed not hunched and the arms at a bend of 90 degrees. This will avoid shoulder and neck injuries.

3) Back support

The arch of the back should get enough support so that you don’t develop an unnatural outward curve or hunchback and pain. Use a pillow or fold a jacket to fit into the space between the chair and back.

4) Don’t cross your feet

Keep the feet too, at 90 degrees bend. If you cross the legs, it will put a strain on the joints and hamper blood flow.

5) Try some desk-ercise

Every half an hour, do a neck rotation and if possible, get up and walk around. Even something as simple as extending your arms overhead and stretching sidewards, helps. You can also a lunch hour stroll around the block.


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