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Are You Obsessed With Detox Food Products That Are Supposedly Free From Chemicals?

Chemical Free Food

Are you obsessed with detox food products that are supposedly free from chemicals? Well, there is no such thing as a “chemical-free” food, shows a research. No matter what the companies selling detox products say, in reality, chemicals are in everything we eat — though all may not be unhealthy, a video created by a Toronto-based web portal ASAP Science shows. It shows how bananas, for example, contain more chemicals than some sweets and explains that it is the dosage of chemical, rather than the chemical itself, which often causes problems, Daily Mail reported.


In the video, scientists explain that while many people will advise against eating food which contains chemicals that are hard to pronounce, yet a single blueberry contains chemicals like menthyl butyrate and oleic acid benzaldehyde, among much more. And in some cases, healthy foods contain more chemicals than processed sweets. In an example, a banana is shown containing more than 50 chemicals from riboflavin to histidine.


“Everything around us is made up of chemicals from the water you drink to the air you breathe, which is why it is frustrating when companies consistently tout their foods as chemical-free,” scientists said. “Seriously, we can break down any food to look like a confusing long list of foreign ingredients,” scientists added.


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