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Back pain isn’t something to be taken lightly!

Back Pain Causes

How many times in the last few days have you complained of a back pain? Wondering what is causing you this pain? Frequent back pains can be due to various reasons and at the same time can indicate many latent medical conditions. Your backache may be trying to tell you something about your health. If you often have backaches, do not ignore them. This pain can either be in the upper back, lower back or the middle but each is due to a distinctly different reason.

The cause of back pain can be broadly categorized under lifestyle and medical causes. Let us understand the causes of back pain and the conditions causing back pain in females.


Watch your Posture

Poor posture is one of the most important low and upper back pain causes. Watch your posture when lifting objects, doing household chores or playing. An incorrect posture can cause back pain. When you do not sit, stand or work properly, it strains the muscles and ligaments of your back, resulting in pain. Your back pain is possibly hinting that you need to correct your posture. If you have a desk job, it is all the more important to maintain an appropriate posture to prevent a back pain.


Go Slow on Gadgets

With the increasing use of technology and fancy gadgets, one tends to use them almost all the time. Using phones, tabs and other gadgets in awkward positions cause strain on the neck and back muscles. When your upper back hurts, it can be due to regular slouching over gadgets or be using them at weird angles. So, go slow on gadgets, they are meant for your convenience; don’t let them cause lifelong health hazards.


Take it Easy

It may be surprising, but your backache is possibly trying to tell you that you are overstressed and need to relax. Stress indeed is one of the most common back pain causes. Stress can cause muscles tautness, which makes them stiff and painful. Prolonged stress causes the muscles to remain tight and from sensitive areas, which may hurt. Practice yoga, meditation and other forms of relaxation that may help you manage stress and relieve back pain.

Strengthen your Muscles

Your back pain is probably trying to tell you that your muscles are weak and you need to strengthen them. Weak muscles of neck and back often cause a backache when you sit or stand for long hours or lift weights. If your muscles are weak, they get tired soon and are unable to withstand the strain. If this continues, your risk for injuries and other serious back problems increases. Similarly, if you have weak abdominal muscles or weak muscles in the hips or legs, it can strain the back and cause back pain. This may mean that you need to plan an exercise regime after consulting an expert.


Guard your Neck

This may be a surprise but it’s possible. If you wonder what does it mean when your upper back hurts? The answer is possibly a problem with the neck, shoulders, and arms. Apart from overwork and weight lifting; neck and shoulder problems are the most common upper back pain causes. If you have injured your neck or shoulder, have strained neck muscles or do repetitive shoulder and hand movements, it can cause upper back pain. Taking care of the neck and seeking the right treatment can help to improve upper back pain.



Care for your Spine

A common cause of back pain lies in the spine that covers the neck and the back region. Injuries to the spine, spinal deformities like abnormal curvatures of the spine, a bulging or prolapsed spinal disc or any other spinal abnormality can surely cause back pain. These are important causes of back pain and need proper investigations and treatment.


Protect your Bones

Deterioration of bones, including spinal vertebrae, often cause neck and back pain. Aging of the spine causing cervical or lumbar spondylosis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, fractures, etc. can cause backaches. While these are most often the low and upper back causes, they can sometimes affect the middle back too. Proper nutrition, exercise, correct diagnosis and the right treatment can help manage back pain in such cases.


Guard your Kidneys

Your back pain can possibly hint that there is something wrong with your kidneys. Urinary infections, kidney stones or other problems in the kidney can often result in back pain. In fact, kidney problems are the most common middle back pain causes. correct diagnosis of your kidneys is important. It is recommended to get your kidney function test at the earliest.


Back pain in Females

In addition to the above, knowledge of few gender-based causes of back pain in females is important. Women often experience back pain during menstruation, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. Additionally, back pain is commonly seen in pelvic infections or other gynecological conditions like pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical cancer or cervicitis, uterine fibroids, uterine prolapse. So, as a female, your backache can mean a lot. If your back pain is severe or is associated with other problems, it is best to seek a medical opinion.


Other Medical Conditions

Injuries, connective tissue disorders, arthritis, fibromyalgia or being overweight can cause back pain too. Complications of certain abdominal or renal problems, infections, growing tumors or cancer, too can cause back pain. Correct and timely diagnosis is important, especially when the pain is recurring.

The cause of your backache can range from wrong footwear to medical problems ranging from muscular, spinal and gynecological to something more serious. If you have a continuous or a severe backache, it is best to consult a doctor. X-rays and scans for a backache, along with proper diagnostic tests can help in identifying the true cause of your back pain. Moreover, timely treatment can cure many hidden medical conditions. Be alert. Never ignore your back pain.




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