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Being Healthy Is Not Only About Looking Fit But Feeling Fit

Feeling Fit

Being healthy is not only about looking fit but feeling fit. Here is how you can feel fit. Having good eating habits doesn’t necessarily mean going on strict diets and following difficult diet regimens. Simply putting it, healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated. There are few very basic habits that you can develop to get maximum benefit out of what you eat.

Chew your food well

Our elders always emphasized that we should eat slow. And it was not the pace that was important, but how well we chewed our food. Chewing slowly helps in better digestion and thus, in turn, helps in reducing fat. Chewing more also means eating slow and lesser than if you ate too fast.

Snack on fruits and not chips

We all addicted to binging at any one time of the day. But instead of eating junk or heavy stuff, make a habit of having fresh fruits. Fruits will not only give you added nutrients but also help you feel fresh. Besides, avoiding junk food will automatically help in reducing weight.

Drink lots of water

Half of your health related problems can be solved if you drank enough water. It not only helps in better digestion but also helps in having a better skin. Plus, replace any other form of fluids or drinks with water, which will regulate the liquid intake in your body.


Eat sitting down

Sitting down and eating is the proper way of having your meal. That way your brain and your body are better prepared for food. Besides, we also tend to eat less when sitting down. And it is more fun for sure.


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