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Summer giving you tummy troubles? Know more

tummy troubles

Summers are here and to stay and with it comes various issues of the stomach. As the season unfolds from the cold breezy wind of March to the heat of April, our lifestyle and eating habits change. Not only do the high temperatures make us sweat more, it also reduces our immunity. During summers, virus and bacteria grow more rapidly than in any other season. Hence, the food we eat gets contaminated fast and causes illnesses. Doctors claim that with the mercury increasing there is almost 45% increase in stomach infections and problems with the gut. The most common victims of stomach problems during summers are children or young adults who either don’t sanitize their hands or eat food outside which could be unknowingly infected.

Summery symptoms of digestive disorders

Both the alarming and subtle symptoms of any gastrointestinal infection are listed below. The intensity of each symptom along with the investigation reports from the laboratory can confirm the virus which has infected your digestive powers.

Abdominal bloating

Heaviness in the stomach




Fever accompanied by cold and cough

Loose motions



Itching on skin

Motion with blood


Bitter taste on the tongue


Reasons of stomach infection

During summers our body sweats a lot to due to the high atmospheric heat. The body works on energy while sweating and reduces the amount of water present in our bodies. This brings down the immunity of the body. The heat in the weather helps bacteria and viruses grow at a double speed. The food gets contaminated quickly and if consumed, the bacteria in it attack the weak immune system and cause the above-mentioned symptoms. Stale home-cooked food consumed during summers can cause a number of infections.


Beware! Digestive disorders that can trouble you this summer


This is the most common stomach infections seen across all age groups. Vomiting, blood in motions, watery motions with froth, dehydration, severe pain in the abdomen are the first symptoms and when not treated initially can cause severe damage like dehydration and sometimes even unconsciousness due to weakness. The virus to be blamed is rotavirus commonly seen in children or norovirus which causes stomach cramping.


A very common infection of the liver which shows symptoms like nausea, itching on skin, bitter tongue, pale look of the face with a yellow coloration of the eye. The Hepatitis A virus attacks the liver which starts producing extra bile. Contaminated water or unhygienic food is the main reason for this infection. The infection starts from the stomach. If you feel any of the above symptoms, consult a doctor as medical care is needed here. Papaya is said to prove a magical home remedy for it. Drink only double boiled water.


A high-grade fever with fatigue, weakness, pain in stomach, vomiting and loose motions, headache and rarely body rashes are all symptoms of the Typhoid Fever. This is a water-borne disease, seen very commonly in summers.  It is caused by bacteria called Salmonella typhi. You can even get vaccinated for it every 2 years. Children are given a vaccine initially to protection from this.

Food Poisoning

This is a typical infection which happens within 6-8 hours of eating contaminated food kept in low levels of hygiene. The first symptom is vomiting with pain in stomach and loose motion. Food poisoning can happen in any weather, but during summers the food gets spoilt faster increasing the chance of infections.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome 

This is typically not an infection but a common problem, especially for those love eating junk food. The person will experience episodes of stomach ache, bloating, the wind and frequent constipation and diarrhea. Due to rising heat, one experiences excessive sweating. Increasing the water intake is highly recommended, in the absence of which individuals can show signs of constipation too.


How to be safe

Avoid eating food from outside during summers. Carry your own water whenever stepping out of the house. Eat freshly prepared food. If the food has been cooked prior either boil it or fry it before consuming it. Regular hand wash is important.

If you face any 2 signs of the above-mentioned symptoms, start with lots of fluid like ORS prepared at home with boiled water, coconut water etc. Increase your intake of water and lemon. Do not have juices or coffee. Take proper rest at home keeping the body temperature adequate. If the condition worsens, consult your doctor.




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