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Beware About The Water Borne Diseases This Monsoon

Water related infections are the most widely recognized reason for deaths. The scarcity of clean water for household utilize has prompted the expansion in the number of deaths in both the urban and country parts of creating economies.


Water Borne Diseases


Also, India is the same. Deaths because of water related illnesses in India are in the scope of almost 80 percent. Here is a rundown of the 3 most dangerous water-related diseases that happen in India.



Diarrhoea remains the most prevalent water related disease in India. It mostly affects children under the age of 5 and often leads to death. The infection spreads through food and drinking water that has been contaminated. A diarrhoeal attack can last up to 2 weeks and leave the person completely dehydrated.


Water Borne Diseases


Symptoms of diarrhea include severe dizziness, loss of consciousness, dehydration and pale skin, little or no urination and in some case bloody stool. It can spread through multiple viruses that are found in contaminated water. The poorer sections of the society come in daily contact with this water and that is the why the rate of diarrhea is highest amongst them.



Thousands of people fall victim of cholera every year in India. It is a water-related disease and is diarrhoeal in nature.It can kill in hours if left unattended. It strikes when one ingests water that is infested with the Vibrio cholera bacterium.


Water Borne Diseases


Symptoms of cholera include watery bowels and fever in certain cases. It can happen to both children and adults. In India, cholera-related deaths are most common in places with the shortage of good quality water. In 2010, nearly 140 people died of cholera in Odisha (formerly known as Orissa).



Malaria or Malarial fever is spread by the Plasmodium parasite mosquito that breeds in water bodies like lakes and paddy fish. Stagnant water is another favorite breeding ground for these deadly parasites. It mostly kills children in India, as adults slowly form some sort of immunity against the parasite, over the years.


Water Borne Diseases


Malarial fever symptoms include fevers, chills, headaches, and vomiting. Sometimes these symptoms are also coupled with anemia. A malarial infection shows only after a week has passed. Therefore, treating it immediately is a necessity.


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