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Biggest drawback of Night Shift.

The National Sleep Foundation

Turning the history pages of either any big MNCs’, call centers mostly help centers and many such organisations working in night shift are no end exposed to different cultures. The exposure is quite high during different shifts of the day, pertaining to the nationalities involved.


However unique your project is and status of work be, the long term effects can either unnerve you or challenge your health to a pathetic state.


As per the NSF, mental health does take a major hit with the effects of depression. They’re quite dangerous in the long run. Chances of mood swings leading to depression are quite high. In turn, this could take its course action on productivity and work. This functions in the format of a chain reaction.


The sleep-deprived are always on the end of suffering from under work performance and health issues. Unlike the temporary effects, the later effects that enter the bigger picture are very deadly. People often suffer from backaches and issues concerning bad postures as they sit for long hours (in case of desk jobs). Needless to say, building more pressure on the backbone with added everyday work stress is a common factor we hear from one in three people. Constant exposure in the night shift is a ticking time bomb.


And that for women.

Concerns over irregular menstruation cycle and causes of PCOD are highly found problems in women who clock into work during the night. Unlike PCOS and PCOD which could be due to many other factors too.







However, the immediate effect is shown on the menstruation cycle. It could gradually increase the cycle time to that of preponing the menopause. This unnatural and unhealthy irregularity is very dangerous to women’s health.

Formerly, when they’ve to conceive it is more torturous and risky. Further with the criticality leading to gastrointestinal issues in the newborns and several other unhealthy conditions giving a hard time for the little infants to struggle.

Surviving Night Shift

It isn’t a herculean task for few and for the rest it is unbearable torture. The only pros one could have in this environment is, it is very quiet to work in, no pollution at night if you were to travel.

Now, looking at the hang side, we lose exposure of sunlight, consume more caffeine, irregular meal plans, loss of appetite, immunity decrease, losing emotional serenity, becoming hypersensitive.

After leveraging the pros and cons, we all know what weighs down on us and on our health.

Challenging times could serve as a storm, why because the exposure at night is a silent and slow killer to be more precise. Chances of getting in contact with deadly diseases are high.

Besides your concentration and caliber to perform, naturally reduces as it tends to go against the natural pattern of the body.

Is the night alone dangerous?

Getting the natural rhythm of your body disturbed is like inviting Heart diseases and cancer with a red carpet. Factually, the rotating shift doesn’t fall in your lifestyle besides resting well.

Though your body has a good 8-hour clock sleep, it still sends out drowsy signals enabling us  not to give your best during the work.



Apart from the power nap and short sleep cycles we rely on, it doesn’t serve the purpose of complete rejuvenation and rest for the body but instead worsens the situation.

Having symptoms of fighting sleep is a major cause of excessive sleepiness. Especially when you nod off on the desk during the social time or work hours.

Micro sleeps lead to temporary rest and long term suffering. Irrespective of the nuance of night shift the long term effect is convincingly dangerous to the health.


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