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Breakfast At 7.11 AM Can Help You Shed Off Some Kilos: Study

Breakfast At 7.11 AM

Eating breakfast is good for your health but did you know that there is a specific time to have the breakfast? If you have your breakfast at that time you can shed some kilos. Researchers were working hard to invent something new and recently they have succeeded. Breakfast at 7.11 AM can help you shed off some kilos



A new survey has found that eating breakfast at 7.11am can help people shed off the kilos. The survey, conducted by Forza Supplements on 1,000 people, asked dieters to recommend the perfect time to eat, the Daily Express reported. Lee Smith, managing director of the firm, said that the key for many dieters is not how much they eat but when they do it. Smith continued saying that they found that the optimum times were 7.11am for breakfast, 12.38pm for lunch and 6.14pm for dinner.


Most dieters recommended these meals be supplemented with low-fat snacks when you get hunger pangs in later morning or mid-afternoon, he added.


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