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Can’t Sleep At Night? Try These Things To Get A Sound Sleep

The first thought to hit you is probably, “will doing all this help me sleep faster”? And you’re probably also thinking of whether you can get rid of medication, aren’t you? The simple answer is yes, but make sure you give yourself time. You just need to be patient and persistent, and your sleep problems will be gradually solved. Barring of course, if you suffer from an underlying disease for which you might need to consult your doctor.

Get up and do something rather than trying to put yourself to sleep

The worst part of sleeplessness is that you feel like the inmates of the whole house have fallen asleep except you, and you keep trying, but don’t succeed. That constant trying and failing make you feel distressed. Stop putting yourself to sleep, so instead of trying and failing, how about not trying at all for some time?  The trick is to avoid associating your bed with wakefulness. If you cannot sleep, instead of banking on your gizmos which disrupt your sleep cycle, get up do something.

Try to keep yourself awake

Well, this trick is weird but we wouldn’t ask you to try it if it did not work. This is based on reverse psychology; when you lie down on your bed, you are expected to sleep, right? Now, instead of trying to sleep, keep your eyes open. When it comes to sleep, the harder you try, the more it eludes you. So stop trying and you might be rewarded with sleep.

Do not eat a heavy dinner

Now we have discussed time and time again, that an early dinner is not only great for weight loss but also helps you sleep better.  But don’t you need to sleep full and satisfied? The answer to that is a resounding no! Your stomach needs time to digest all that food, and if you sleep on a full stomach, not only will you gain fat, but you will also find it much harder to sleep.

Avoid watching TV and other gadgets and gizmos

Switch off your TV, mobiles, and tabs at least 1-2 hours before you hit the sack. It may seem difficult for you to accept, but practice makes perfect. Start abstaining from these gadgets as you inch closer to sleep time. The blue light emanating from these gadgets interferes with melatonin, which is a sleep-inducing hormone. So make your bedroom a gadget-free zone and reap its benefits.

Make your bedroom a sanctuary

Yes; the atmosphere of the bedroom is instrumental in inducing sleep, so dim the lights. In fact, studies, say that you need to make your bedroom pitch dark, to woo sleep. Make it as noise-free as far as possible. It will help you sleep faster. Try wearing an eye mask or ear plugs to switch off from the world, in the real sense. The more detached you are from the happenings of the outside world, the easier it will be to go to sleep.

Try Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is known to eliminate stress, and hence calm the body. There are a plethora of scents to help you calm down and sleep. A few popular scents are vanilla, lavender, marjoram and so on. Spray it on the pillow, in the air, or in the bath and the pleasant fragrance will put you to sleep.

Take a warm shower before bed

If you are in the habit of taking a shower right before you hit the snooze button, don’t stop it, but remember to take a warm shower. If you take a warm shower, it not only helps you relax but also coerces your body to sleep as you enter the cool bedroom. Try it! It worked for us.


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