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Cervix in Stake!

Don’t let that huge neck-collar bring your spirits down enjoy the comfort zone and relax those muscles below your chin and nape of your neck. Cervical spondylosis is commonly occurring in the people of age 60 and above. It is the wear out of the tissue muscles between those spines as you grow older that catch your attention. But, another stream of analysis shows that youngsters of age 30 or less also have this prevailing in them. It is part of the lifestyle and habits that follow.


Cervical Spondylosis in youngsters is quite alarming as they age it only gets worse if in case they do not treat it regularly. But, there is hope to deal away with this chronic problem as few people are born with a narrow spinal canal. In such cases, the problem would turn out to be very severe. Minor damage in the neck Spondylosis could result in the immobilization of the four limbs leading to paralysis.


People are affected by CS often resort to nonsurgical treatments and if it turns out fatal then surgeon needs to take a call to operate your spine. The acute pain is immeasurable, especially when you have to take those painkillers and call it a day for work.


Let’s look at the symptoms if they permute with what you experience:


  • If you’re slowly coming in terms with neck stiffness, do not compromise, see a doctor immediately.
  • Pain in the shoulder or arms.
  • Or a spiking pain stretching from the nape of your neck to the tail end of your bone.
  • When you come across the grinding noise while turning your neck and it turns incompatible with your movements.


How is CS diagnosed under Orthopedic guidance?


The major concern here is the impact it has on the nerves, the tension and pressure could lead to severe cramps and sometimes paralysis. But in most cases the doctors don’t directly string your treatment down to surgery but only if they find the severity in the condition.


You would be subjected to Magnetic Resonance Imaging to get a complete idea of the affected areas. Basically, the doctors could prescribe you with a muscle relaxant, could put you through a physiotherapy treatment for your lower lumbar region. Depending on the area that is affected, they could teach you specific exercises.


Doctors usually go with quick healing method that could repair things at the earliest to put you out of the pain. So, it often turns out temporary healing.

YOGA – The best remedy to help those muscles relax.

To warm up those  frozen shoulders and get those moving to take over the world. Being in software culture, the lifestyle we incorporate here is to be seated in front of our systems and often in a very wrong posture that affects the spine.

Yoga, since time immemorial has healed people with several diseases and opened doors for better world and better health. Also, in due course of time, it has taught people to help understand the nature of their body and steps to nurture and care for it.


Salutations to the sun. Is a practice that involves graceful asanas that more or less stretches all the parts of your body. It is a huge muscle relaxant. Ticking those cramps and fat out of your body.

Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

   It is the best practice of hatha yoga that incorporates the shoulder stand commonly known as Sarvangasana.

   Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

     The most blissful pose. Especially, when you’re stretching that one tenacious spine. This asana repeats in the cycle of Suryanamaskara.


Makarasana (Crocodile Pose)

   One of the challenging asanas involves the crocodile -pose where the longer you hold still in that position the better is your posture.

Do the supplements help your treatment journey?

Calcium is one of the major factors that could lead to the main impairments in the bones. Calcium is very essential for strong neck bone that supports the most important part. You will have to consider the fact that it is the nutrition supplement that aids in building the strength of your bones, not a food replacement.


Insufficient calcium intake could result in serious health conditions such as soft bones, spinal cord wear outs, imbalance, quite the spectrum of unpleasant problems seeps in adding to extra burden in your busy lifestyle.


Lack of Vitamin D and D3 are major factors that could put you through unavoidable risks. Learn how much quantity of Calcium, Vitamin D and Magnesium should you consume each day, as it varies for different age group and sex. Taking them in right quantities religiously and correctly to regain the bone strength will keep you 70% play-fit.


Remember all supplements you could take should be under your doctor or physician’s advice.

Lifestyle and posture maintenance!

You are what you eat! Ever heard of this? Time to believe it, sources of nutrients that add to your body come nowhere but from the food you consume. So, if you’re going by junk food and expecting a miracle to happen then expect a ton of tubby-tuck.


  • Add more of greens to your diet, as it is safe to consume for any blood type and stick to home cooked food. That way your money and health too.
  • Take your supplements regularly in right quantities,
  • Stretch that stubborn muscles, exercise at least twice a week to prevent those frozen muscles.
  • Consciously correct your posture by walking straight and not letting the spine to slouch more adding an extra curve to your body.


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