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Is This Method Really Helpful To Avoid The Common Cold? Find It Out Now

Common Cold

The common cold is an uncomfortable and annoying ailment that we are forced to deal with every day as the weather is very much unpredictable in Bangalore. No matter how strong your immunity is, there’s no escaping the common cold. There are various ways to fight against it. Among them, the most popular, is the use of steam or steam baths to relieve a cold, but does it really work, or is it just a myth?

Effectiveness Of Steam Inhalation For Colds


Steam Inhalation


Using steam inhaling to treat the common cold and nasal obstruction seems like a no-brainer to most of us, but is it actually as helpful as we’d like to consider? Let’s take a closer look at the proof. A study conducted at the Cleveland Clinic, and published in The Journal of the American Medical Association measured the effectiveness of this home remedy. They asked 68 people aching from the common cold to convene through 60-minute steam treatments, wherein they put the temperature inside the nose to the needed 109 degrees Fahrenheit. The treatments had no effect on signs of obstruction and sneezing, nor did it rectify the common cold. In another analysis, 34 randomly chosen patients experiencing the common cold, were given two 20-minute therapies, spaced an hour separate; there was no extraordinary effect of steam inhaling, on the common cold or its signs.

Why Is It So Highly Regarded?



Steaming, with a few droplets of eucalyptus oil can help in releasing the blocked nose as, eucalyptus is a strong anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and an antiseptic. When asked the question, “Does steaming help in rectifying a common cold?”, the right response would not be yes, but it certainly can give some relief from the signs of a common cold. When exercised safely, steam methods can help to release up mucus and clear the nasal sections, although this effect is just for short time. In the few cases where steam breath does help treat the cold itself, this can only be assigned to the placebo outcome.




Although nearly all data points to the fact that steam breath is useless as a method to treat the common cold, disciples will be hard persuaded. So, whether the steam breath is a placebo or not, you can go ahead and enjoy the practice if you like. Just make sure to apply caution when using containers or pitchers of steaming water, as there is a high chance of burns, including to the nasal entrance!


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