5 Most Common Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

Know About The 5 Most Common Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia and is also a progressive and fatal brain disease, which will rob a patient of cognitive skills and eventually bodily functions. Often the patient doesn’t succumb to the disease itself but from complications arising from it. Recognizing this early can help the victim and also the family to deal with it, but we should keep in mind that there is no cure. Here are six early warning symptoms that Alzheimer’s is coming into your life.

1. Forgetting Recent Information



Forgetting Recent Information


Alzheimer’s may be noticed early. If you missed a doctor’s appointment or forgot about a get together for a friendly coffee date that you made a couple of days earlier. Memory loss is the biggest marker of Alzheimer’s, and it will progressively get worse.

2. Trouble Following Instructions


Trouble Following Instructions


A study explains that a person who used to cook may suddenly have trouble with a recipe they’re already familiar with when they are suffering from Alzheimer’s. Tasks that require problem-solving ability and details will become especially difficult for those persons, it adds.

3. Behavioral/Personality Changes


Behavioral/Personality Changes


Harvard Medical School described that Alzheimer’s can change the way a person reacts, and they might some unusual things. While it’s very normal for some people to change their habits as they grow old, “changes in a person’s basic disposition or temperament aren’t normal and may be signs of dementia,” notes the school. Depression is very common among Alzheimer’s patients, it adds.

4. Trouble Communicating


Trouble Communicating


A study noted that “vocabulary becomes extremely hard” for patients who are experiencing Alzheimer’s. They might not know the right word to use to describe something, or they may call objects but the wrong name, it adds. Having a conversation with someone can become a big challenge, so some patients start avoiding chatting with people. The patient may also not revert because they might not know what to say.

5. Hiding and Hoarding Items


5 Most Common Early Signs of Alzheimer’s


This can be traced back to the behavioral changes, but we’ll get into a bit more detail about it here. The Alzheimer’s Society (UK) explains that a person developing Alzheimer’s may stash items away, which “may be an attempt by the person to remain in control of their situation,” notes the source.

So, if you see that your loved one or anyone from your family is facing these above-mentioned symptoms, don’t waste time. Take them to a doctor and consult with him. May your one step can save his life.


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