Upset Stomach? Grab A Bowl Of Curd Immediately To Get Rid Of That

Upset Stomach? Grab A Bowl Of Curd Immediately To Get Rid Of That

Cup of curd

Intestinal pains and bloating may be bad, but there’s hardly anything dangerous than diarrhea. After all, no one desires to feel the embarrassment and shame of having to continually visit the loo. Since childhood, whenever we have faced this kind of situation, mom used to give us a bowl full of curd. Today we will find out the effectiveness of that.

Can Curd Help Treat Diarrhea


Upset Stomach


Diarrhea can happen for a variety of causes, but it normally results in an inequality of stomach bacteria, which are vital for a strong digestion. At times, diarrhea itself sets in because of antibiotic use that kills good bacteria in the abdominal stretch. This is where dahi or curd comes into action. Dahi includes good bacteria, identified as probiotics, which can help revive optimal levels of stomach bacterias. According to top gastroenterologists, healthy stomach bacteria, as found in dahi, actually work as the first line of protection against gastric diseases. Various studies, including one issued in the Open Journal of Pediatrics, found that the application of probiotic yogurt or Dahi can even relieve the signs of diarrhea in children, reducing the span of the illness. According to doctors, these advantages can be connected to repopulation of the stomach with good bacteria, through preventing bad bacteria from taking charge.

Choose The Right Curd For Better Digestive Health




Supermarket lanes are filled with low fat, non-fat, flavored, sweetened, organic, frozen, and other categories of yogurt, but you just need one that includes live and active cultures of probiotic bacteria. Most flavored types carry added sugar and artificial flavors that can actually worsen your condition. Moreover, packaged dahi that does not include active bacterial cultures will actually be deprived of any the healthy compensations that you need. So, the next time you feel the disorders coming on, you don’t need to look into your medicine cabinet. Simply go to the refrigerator and pour yourself a bowl of dahi.





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