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Depression- The cleansing process


This is often misconstrued with mood swings with the corresponding situations. The term is quite a multiplex and misunderstood to blockage. Well, in reality, it is complementary of what you’re presuming, it is letting you meet the surfacing you, subjecting to rigorous change.


Change comes in many ways, it is important to ground the reality and hit the psychologist if need be. There are people who hit the negative peak of depression and victimize themselves to atrocities such as drug abuse, going vindictive and even committing suicide. The practice of looking at the positive end ALWAYS helps us look at the bigger picture. Here is why I tell you this. Every time it is us who are creating reality, and being positive especially during the negative peaks in our life could only help you create a better present also a better future.




Fundamentally our body is tuned to a reflex reaction during the time of defence, protection, facing fear, rush, running and body clock. Subconsciously, we are set to the body clock and have an understanding with it. It is during the change that suddenly kicks, we tend to get anxious and it is not a pleasant state to be in. We would avoid looking into it or even deal it with a lesser degree of awareness.


That’s when you take a step back, analyse, respond and then react.


As what comes knocking or sweeping you off your feet is either a blessing in disguise or lesson disguised as the devil. Don’t just judge the situation and beat yourself up. Try understanding yourself and in turn why are threaded with the situation. Only then would you understand if you’re weaved with a situation or tangled with it.


When you understand where you stand with the situation you would automatically understand why you are in that state of being leading you to better the situation and gather the strength to deal with.


How do we identify if we are suffering from DEPRESSION?


Constantly being in a sad state.

Finding yourself not interested in anything

Restless over trivial matters.

Suicidal tendencies.

Sleeping way too much.

If all these signs last for more than two weeks then you might be under the spell.


It is often a combination of different factors influencing or leading you to depression. Always remember everyone is different and hence they respond or react differently.


Risks of Depression


Could cause due to certain chemicals in the brain.

Genetics – One of the many reasons where 70% of chances are exhibited by the other twin too.

Upbringing, your childhood plays a very important or crucial role. People with low self-esteem.

Could be due to the environment, constant exposure to violence, abuse and other factors that could follow with it.


Before you start the medication please don’t go with self-medication, try coping with the situation in natural ways. Attending therapy sessions, avoiding alcohol and constant positive affirmations. Positive thinking, regular exercise helps you exert the stress and thoughts out of your system. No matter how critical the situation always fall towards the softer end of a decision.


Never ever make decisions at the heat of the moment as they’re usually not what you would have wanted. Doing yoga and meditation helps you deal with depression, I am not fooling you with my words when I say this, I may have dealt with depression through meditation. There is nothing more beautiful to understand the ways of life and it’s teaching when you’re mindful.


So, as the saying goes. “Pain, demands to be felt”, It is a slow process but life is helping you understand that there is a change in the course of the journey. Mind me, I am not a religious person but I enjoy reading Bhagavad Gita for the very reason it has circumcised all the facts of life beautifully. It quotes, “ Whatever happened is good, what is happening is for better and whatever is bound to happen is for the best”. I have followed this law for all the circumstances in my life and beat what? I beat the circumstance.


Try to be a rising phoenix instead of falling bridge.


Try to understand beyond present you, everything will make sense in time. Mind you. It’s own time. Another important thing that depression shapes you with is patience. Man sorted the journey by pushing that extra mile but at the same time valuing every step he took. Every phase of our life has a crucial role to play, learn to be the best version of yourselves come what the circumstance. By this, I am not asking you to be a stubborn soul and not welcome change.


You need to let go of the baggage and take what is best from that lesson and move through it, not on it.


One of Jim Carrey’s commencement speeches at MIU, “ Life doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you”. Did you read that line? Now understand it! Read it again! Life has a way of telling you what is good for you, you might want to listen to it. Take that chance, live a healthy life.

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