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Diabetes, The Slow poison: Catch It Before It Captures You!

Many people hear ‘Diabetes’ and think ‘disease-of-the-old-age’, ‘people-over-50’ or ‘my-grand-dad’s-got-it’! But you will be surprised to find out that more and more young adults are developing this deadly disease as early as in their thirties. There has been an alarming rise in Diabetes off late, and it is slowly reaching epidemic levels. The probable reasons this disease is on the rise could be because of the increase in the levels of stress amongst 30-year-olds, high sugar content in their diets and lack of any exercise. Though we can’t change the damage done in the past, we surely can take corrective and preventive measures for our future.  Listed below are a few symptoms of diabetes. If you have two or more of the symptoms listed below you must consult your physician for a thorough check-up:

Increased Thirst

Has your water-intake gone up? Do you find yourself making extra visits to the cooler or reaching out for bottled water every now and then? Increased thirst is one of the first signs of diabetes.

Frequent Urination

When you consciously drink more liquids it is natural for you to be making frequent visits to the rest room. But if this is happening without any apparent change in your water-intake you should get yourself checked.

Sudden Vision Changes

Increased blood glucose levels cause the lens in our eyes to change in shape. This can lead to changes in vision. If the number of your spectacles is suddenly and steadily moving up or if you feel that your vision is not like before you must consult your ophthalmologist.

Weight Loss in spite of eating well

If in spite of eating three sumptuous meals in a day your weighing scale is inching down instead of up something could be wrong.

Feel Sleepy, drowsy or Lethargic

No matter what time of day it is – are you feeling sleepy and tired all the time? In spite of a good night’s sleep, you are tempted to stay in bed all day and getting out seems like an uphill task? It’s time you get a checkup.

Wounds and Cuts Taking Too Long To Heal

Usually, all wounds heal within 7-10 days but if you’ve noticed that your cuts and wounds aren’t healing fast enough your blood sugar levels should be checked.


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