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Early to bed early to rise

Early To Bed Early To Rise

Early to bed early to rise is secret of happy life. We all wish to live long but we cannot. Why? We go against nature. Nature likes us to work during day and to rest at night. But we do not obey this law of nature. Good sleeping and waking pattern have positive impact on the physical health, mental health and career of a person. Poor-quality sleep and sleep deficits have been linked to obesity and a countless of health problems, but one study shows that when it comes to promoting healthy hearts, it’s not a matter of getting more sleep. It’s a matter of getting adequate sleep at optimal time.

The study, published in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, evaluated the approximate timing and duration of sleep to see effect of smoking, poor diet and sedentary habits on sleep pattern. These three behaviors have been blamed for about 40 percent of cardiovascular deaths. The study defined short sleep as less than six hours, adequate sleep as seven to eight hours, and long sleep as nine hours or more. Respondents were categorized by their self-reported sleep-timing, whether they considered themselves a morning person, more morning than evening, more evening than morning, or an evening person, the end result of this study suggest that it’s not just sleep deprivation that relates to cardiovascular risk behaviors, but too much sleep car relate as well. Going to bed earlier and getting adequate sleep was associated with better heart health behaviors.

To ensure that your body and mind get proper rest, you should go to sleep in time. If you go to bed late at night, and wake up early in the morning, then you will feel fatigue and dull during the entire day. It is good to develop the habit of going early to bed and rising up early in the morning. The fresh breezy air is for the early riser when he can go out for a walk or take some exercise. Discipline with regard to the sleeping and waking time plays an important role in the overall development of person.


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