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Eating Tissue Paper To Stay Skinny Is Unreal: Models

An ex-fashion editor of an international mag claims models eat tissue paper and survive on drips to stay skinny. Desi models explain why that wouldn’t work in India. Going by what we see on the ramp and in fashion mags, you can’t be a model if you don’t follow a crazy diet. And even though several countries have disapproved of, and even banned, super skinny models on the ramp when prominent rib cages and thigh gaps were started being considered ‘in’, many in the glam industry still insist that a model’s got to be skinny. Recently, an ex-editor of a popular international fashion magazine was in the news when she wrote about the outrageous dieting methods followed by supermodels, which include surviving on drips and eating tissue paper to feel full! We spoke to some of our desi models, who say that models cannot survive such crazy diet regimes here and Indian models need the strength to be able to walk in heavy lehengas and saris.

Modeling Indian clothes requires strength

We have to model in Indian clothes, which at times weigh more than us! At events like the Couture Week, we have to walk down the ramp wearing lehengas and other elaborate outfits and that requires strength. The amount we walk, wearing the kind of footwear we are given, we naturally develop the required muscles. You can’t survive on drips and then walk perfectly all day long. It’s just bizarre and cannot happen in India at least. All this stress of dieting is much more in the West. The size zero concept started from there and that makes the job look much more stressful and demanding than it actually is. Indian models eat right and follow a different routine from them because there is a big difference between our shows and outfits in comparison to the other countries.

Bizarre Ways to stay skinny are a thing of the past

According to me, anyone who is trying such extreme strategies cannot think of surviving the industry. We heard of bizarre experiments that people in our social circle did many years back. Some worm capsules were circulated, which were supposed to help you keep your weight in check because the worms would eat your food or something like that. People think you can be a model only if you are thin. But that’s not true, and it’s much more than what meets the eye. A few years back, some Indian designers started creating outfits keeping in mind western sizes. At that time, models were stressed and a lot of people couldn’t fit into these western sizes. Very few people, including me, made it to that collection. But now, again, people have accepted the need to stay fit and not just skinny.

Being skinny won’t help if you’re ugly

How you look is directly dependant on what you eat or don’t eat.You need to have the perfect body to be a model but you also need to have the face for it. Being skinny won’t help anyone if you’re ugly. And if a person is following some crazy diet or not eating anything, then it’ll show on your skin, your hair will start falling, dark circles and what not. Everyone in the modeling industry today understands this. I’ve never heard of something this crazy in my life before. Everybody wants a hot body but you can’t stop being human. I don’t think this will be practical for any person. We eat proper meals at all times because we need that kind of strength to walk as much as we do. Eating tissue paper is just gross and unreal. Even during fashion weeks, all our organizers and choreographers take proper care of our meal times because everybody understands the importance of eating right. You can’t look like a model if you think of doing any such crazy and bizarre things.





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