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Can Eating White Rice During Pregnancy Cause Obesity in Kids?

Obesity in Kids

A couple of researches conducted earlier this year link parent’s obesity and mother’s excessive cola consumption with developmental issues and risk of obesity in kids.


“The results provide the first human evidence that artificial sweetener consumption during pregnancy may increase the risk of early childhood overweight,” said Meghan B Azad from the University of Manitoba, Canada, reported by IANS. The study analysed close to 3000 pregnant women along with their infants to study the link between sugary drink consumption during pregnancy and changes in infants’ BMI in the first year of their birth.

New findings, published in the Journal Pediatrics, show that apart from health related issues, children of obese mothers were nearly 70 per cent more likely to fail tests of fine motor skill — the ability to control movement of small muscles, such as those in the fingers and hands — by age 3, when compared to children of normal-weight mothers.


Similar studies and researches point at the possibility of tracing chronic childhood health issues back to parents’ health and the pregnancy.


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