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Eye care facts you must know

Healthy Eyes Facts

Don’t blame the computer always

We live in an age when you cannot do with staring at the computer screen, or your smartphone. Ophthalmologists suggest the best way to avoid computer vision syndrome is to give your eyes a rest frequently. Constant staring can lead to eye strain and can blur your vision temporarily. Looking into the distance once in a while can help too. Doctors suggest that closing eyes for a few minutes after every 20-30 minutes, can help to lubricate and moisten your eyes.

Your glasses do not weaken eyesight

Just because your glasses need to be changed every few years does not mean that they are weakening your eyesight. Glasses only make you see better. The changes happen only as you age.

Make-up debris can injure eyes

You need to be careful when you are volumising your lashes or applying kajal in the waterline of your eyes. Experts say that the make-up debris that gets trapped under the outer layer of the eye can cause eye issues. There are remedies say doctors and you could also use antibiotic drops.

Smoking damages your vision

Quit smoking, because it simply increases your risk of macular degeneration. And that is one of the leading causes of blindness. The harmful after effects of smoking include damage to the small blood vessels of the retina and optic nerve. This kind of damage to internal parts of the eye can cause loss of eyesight.

Wearing lenses overnight is a big no-no

Even if your lens pack states that it is good enough to be worn overnight, you should never do it, say eye doctors. Caring for your lens in the right way is crucial, or it might lead to loss of eyesight. One must soak lens in disinfectant solution overnight, touch them only with squeaky clean hands and store them in a clean case.


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