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Fear of trees and rain? Yes, it exists!

Fear of trees

We have heard about how people fear clowns and things like water and heights. But there are several offbeat phobias that may appear trivial to you, but which trigger deep anxiety…

1) Xanthophobia: Those who fear of the colour yellow are afraid of anything in that hue, including the sun and maybe your yellow umbrella.

2) Hylophobia: Greenery can also trigger deep fear in folks. It’s called Hylophobia.

3) Ombrophobia: This describes fear of rain and can make people want to stay indoors in the wet weather.

4) Nomophobia: We may all relate to this one – it’s the fear of being without mobile phone coverage.

5) Deipnophobia: Is the fear of dinner parties. Yes, it’s a thing.

6) Selenophobia: This is the fear of the moon. Romantics, if you harbour this fear, you’re losing out on a lovely nocturnal view.

7) Genuphobia: The fear of one’s own or another person’s knees or of the act of kneeling.

8) Somniphobia: The fear of falling asleep, called Somniphobia can adversely affect health, apart from causing anxiety and distress.

9) Papyrophobia: This fear of paper extends to any type: wet, dry, torn, plain or printed paper.

10) Turophobia: People suffering from this fear of cheese won’t consume the dairy product in any form.



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