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Flawless SKIN

Maintain flawless skin!


Skin is the largest organ in our body. The three steps everyone should follow religiously to maintain healthy skin is by far the most trending scenes on the internet. Cleaning! Toning! Moisturizing! It doesn’t end there, the stubborn pollution and chemicals in the food you order out is an added reason to inculcate a healthy eating habit.


Here’s why you need to sit down to understand what you put your skin through:


  • Tormenting it with 100 different foundations that have few chemicals going irrespective of the minerals and vitamins it contains.
  • Do not choose a foundation just by going on the brand rather go organic.

  • The harsh rays of the sun that could tarnish your epidermis is constantly exposed.

  • Not hydrating your body is a major concern that will put all the other factors to rest.
  • A busy day has its fatigue acting in the form of stress pimples.


As a result, your skin tends to age faster and causes wrinkles at the earliest.


Skin it up!


Apart from cleaning, toning and moisturizing, there are few simple yet profound tips you could carry away with ease in your busy life. Just be mindful at all the junctions.


  • Exfoliate every day and do so with natural fruit or oats. Go organic that way you’re not tarnishing the skin texture.
  • Pamper your skin by adding essential oils in your bath,

  • Avoid direct sun(rather a noon) from damaging your skin. Though natural light of the sun is important for vitamin D you could expose yourself to the healthy rays of the sun in the early hours or the late evenings.
  • Those who are on field jobs apply sunscreen before stepping out.

  • Drink at least 3 liters of water per day, learn and educate yourselves about the measure of water your body requires.
  • Go to that soft silky pillow removing your makeup.
  • People as much as they ignore washing their hair often tend to suffer from greasy skin and this, in turn, leads to pimples.
  • Eat food that is less fried and hence this could help you retain the vitamins of the veges. Avoid it to a greater extent as they say “You’re what you eat”.

  • Use cool water to wash your face, depending upon the place and climate try to maintain the moisture levels of your skin by using Luke warm water.

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