Here's What Happens When A Glass of Wine at Night could Actually be

A Glass of Wine at Night could Actually be Beneficial

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Balance is the key and nothing pays you off, if you ‘re on your toe. Here is how you use wine every single day.

Worry not, that occasional glass of wine can be good for your health. While there are reasons aplenty to give up on alcohol altogether, you could stick to your nightly routine of downing a glass. As long you don’t go overboard, there’s nothing to worry about.


Weight management

While it may not necessarily help in shedding the kilos, studies have shown that the resveratrol (a compound found in certain plants that has antioxidant properties) contained in wine can help prevent weight gain.

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Stronger heart

It is the antioxidant resveratrol that is to be credited for this. The tannins contained in red wine are associated with protecting against heart diseases. Additionally, those with hypertension have a 30 per cent less chance of having a heart attack if they drink wine moderately, a study by the Harvard School of Public Health concludes.


Stronger bones

There have been studies showing an increase in bone turnover in menopausal women who drank one drink per day on average. It is to be noted, however, that heavy drinking can cause osteoporosis (a thinning and weakening of the bones). Moderation is the key.

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Better vision 

Your vision may get blurry while you’re drinking, but in the long run, wine consumption will help better it. According to an Icelandic study, moderate drinkers are 32 per cent less likely to get cataract.


Lower risk of cancer
Less likely to fall sick

Over the years, several researches have confirmed the presence of immune-boosting properties in wine, including the antioxidants that keep the heart strong. But, keep in mind that this is in addition to the healthy foods — rich in proteins and vitamins — that are already a part of your daily diet.

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