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Health Hazards On Excess Consumption Of Green Tea

Green Tea

I am 100% confident that you all will accept that green tea is one drink that is a preference for all health-freak people. Sipping 1 or 2 cups of green tea after meals are something that everyone wants. Consuming some quantity of green tea regularly is a good idea as it helps to a certain degree in losing weight, enhancing mental alertness and thinking, and also stop some types of cancers, like breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer. But, every good thing comes with its own share of adverse effects as well. While you must have learned about the benefits of green tea, here we produce you the adverse-effects of green tea on your health.

1. Its Caffeine Content Can Cause Problems




Green tea holds around 10 to 14 grams of caffeine. And, if green tea is drunk in large amounts (more than 5 to 6 cups on a daily basis), it can lead to an excess of caffeine in the body, which can additionally cause many health issues like anxiety issues, diarrhoea, diabetes, constipation, and can even lead to Sleep apnea.

2. Can Lead To Iron Deficiency And Anaemia


Iron Deficiency And Anaemia


Green tea includes catechins which can drive to decreased absorption of iron from food which can even lead to anaemia. So, one should withdraw taking green tea simultaneously with meals. But, if you do want to have it along with your meals, then you should have vitamin C and iron-rich meals as they will transfer the required amount of iron to your body which will help to prevent anaemia.

3. Can Cause Problems For Pregnant Women And Lactating Mothers


Green Tea


More than two cups of green tea for an expectant mother can prove to be critical, as it is said to enhance the risk of miscarriages and other major health issues. And, if you are breastfeeding your newborn, then the high volume of caffeine in the tea can mix into the breast milk and harm your child too.

4. Harmful If Taken During Fasting


Harmful If Taken During Fasting


The idea that green tea if consumed during fasting is based on the misunderstanding that it will recompense for the shortage of nutritious food that day. However, it can be dangerous in the sense that it can lead to several other problems such as vomiting, costiveness, as the tannins present in the tea can increase the number of various stomach acids.

5. May Lead To Osteoporosis




Osteoporosis leads to the weakening of the bones in the body due to less absorption of calcium. The elements present in green tea, if taken in large amounts, can restrain the intake of calcium from your bloodstream and rinse it out, hence leading to calcium insufficiency in the body.




The ideal intake of green tea in a day should not be exceeding 300 mg per day. And, the best time to have it should be in between the meals. So, go ahead and enjoy your daily predicament of green tea, but also keep in mind that the consumed amount should not cross the recommended amount as it has a severe side effect on your health.


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