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Harsh Truths About Corporate Life You Need To Know!!!

Meet today’s corporate folk – uber exuberance, aggressive plans, and limitless aspirations. They want it all and they want it all – NOW. They are a bunch of over-achievers, with over-the-top ambitions, living life with tight timelines and impossible schedules. They are Whats-apping, Facebooking, tweeting – while running a rat-race towards impossible goals. The advantages of corporate jobs are plenty – Higher incomes, better lifestyles, apartments in luxurious neighborhoods and driving fancy cars. But the disadvantages are numerous, and at some point get the better of you.

High levels of Stress

The corporate big-wigs deliberately set insurmountable challenges for their employees. Set goals which are hard to reach, and in return promise quirks that are too tempting to ignore. This turns up the stress meter in a big way amongst the employees. Those of us who are able to withstand such high pressures and competition are blessed. Those of us who are not made for such fast-paced, high-pressure lives begin to crumble and in turn develop physical and emotional problems.

Lack of Camaraderie

Everyone is racing towards that one position on the top. Unfortunately, there is room for only one! So the level of competition is tremendous. Nobody is anybody’s friend. They all want to get there- even if it means trampling on your colleagues. Living and working in such an environment where you can’t trust your fellow workers and where your colleagues will try to pull you down at the slightest opportunity is very stressful. And this stress in turn adversely affects our emotional health.

Corporate Lifestyle

Given the impossible goals, time falls short. The corporate workforce is then forced to discuss work over cocktails, dinner, and smokes. Thus leaving little time for family, and compromising the time for sleep. Such hectic lifestyles are sure to make way for emotional breakdowns. Corporate houses should make sure they take measures to ensure their employee’s health and wellness. It is nice to be ambitious, successful and achieve the impossible. But, not at the cost of your emotional health. Let’s not be rats in a race that leads to an emotional breakdown. Pace yourself – set realistic goals, make time for simple get-togethers with your family and friends, enjoy the simple things in life, for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.


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