Have An Anger Issue? Know Before It Blows Up In Your Face!

Have An Anger Issue? Know Before It Blows Up In Your Face!

“I’m so annoyed, I could destroy him!” Every one of us has shouted these words at some point or the other, but for sure, we don’t make good on our warnings. Anger is a quite natural human reply and even though we hope we could keep a grip on our anger, we still blow up every now and then! It can be dangerous to feel like your temper is exceeding your control, but that does not certainly mean that you have an anger difficulty.

Signs You Have Anger Issues


Anger Issue


Anger that is an inherent physiological response to an inducement, hurt, or threat is considered to be healthy anger – this is the type of anger you feel when you see people harassing or ill-treating another person or animal. On the other hand, if you encounter ferocity, which is a sense of strong or violent anger, you may have an anger problem and must solve it out immediately – for the well-being of those around you, as well as yourself.

You Play The Blame Game


Anger Issue


When something goes wrong, is your first response to accuse other people and events of the condition you are in? Doctors say that if you are someone who denies taking possession of your activities and conditions, it is more likely that you have an irritation issue. Researchers show that there is an honest connection between the allocation of responsibility and violence.

You’re Passive Aggressive


Anger Issue


It’s easy to understand that someone is annoyed when they are yelling and shouting their head off, but passive-aggressive temper often goes overlooked. Passive aggressive anger usually demonstrates as apathy, sarcasm, and cynicism. If you resort to dangerous humor and sarcastic remarks, you might want to think that you have an annoyance problem. People with passive-aggressive difficulties are also more likely to separate friends and family, work poorly in their professional lives, and generally delay.

You Get Angry Very Easily


Anger Issue


You go to earn yourself a sandwich and there’s no bread left, your bus is late, the dress you wanted to buy is no longer available in the store – just about anything can make you mad! If you find that you are annoyed all the time, you need help pronto! When anger becomes a part of your character, it can lead to physiological difficulties, as well as continued anger problems that are much tougher to treat.

Your Anger Is Disproportionate


Anger Issue


If you find yourself yelling at the waiter for producing you the wrong dish, you clearly have an anger issue! Now don’t get us wrong, you have every right to be annoyed or even a little angry but your reaction should be equivalent to the circumstances. Very often, irregular anger is simply shifted aggression – where you are inadequate to express your outrage to the person who has caused it and so you provoked out at someone else instead. Road rage is one of the most common instances of this type of anger.

Controlling Your Anger Before It Controls You


Anger Issue


The initial step towards solving your anger issues is to admit that you have an issue and that you can solve it. Rather than blaming people or things for your anger, figure out what accelerate your anger and plan on ways to manage it. Figure out answers to problems that trigger your anger – people often get “hangry” – anger that is triggered by hunger; a simple resolution would be to follow conventional meal timings; unexpectedly, this is also an excellent way to control your weight. Communication is also very essential so that you don’t overcome your anger, but rather learn how to express it in a good and fruitful manner.


Anger problems have a way of sneaking up on us and we don’t notice the problem until it is too late. If you recognize that you have an anger issue, start fighting on it right away. Pressure is also a key factor as it can trigger violence, so try out a few easy steps to de-stress and stick with the ones that work for you. This simplistic anger control tip will go a long way in assisting you to overcome your rage issues to lead a peaceful, low-stress life.


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