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10 Effects of Air Pollution on Your Health  

A universal health concern apart from the greenhouse effect is the air pollution that is causing serious health concerns. The devious effects of air pollution can have all over the world is unimaginable.

Large scale industrial activities and vehicular emissions are the major causes of environmental air pollution, especially in developing countries like India. But, in recent times, indoor air pollution has emerged as one of the leading reasons for health issues in Indian metro cities, including the cosmopolitan.

Seemingly harmless stuff can cause indoor air pollution such as pet hair, cooking smoke, adhesives in household furniture and electronic equipment. Intoxicating all the spread by air pollution can enter our lungs through the nasal tract and cause various health issues which can be as severe as cancer.


The deadly diseases that are contagious and have turned common today due to air pollution.



This is one of the most common diseases that can affect humans breathing in the polluted air. This is a chronic disease in which inflammation is caused in the air passages of the human body and the person finds it difficult to breathe. Heavy breathing while doing normal routine activities and strenuous ones are some of the basic symptoms of the disease.

Asthma is caused by the particulate matter, oxides of sulfur and nitrogen and ground-level ozone. Tobacco smoke can also be a cause of the same and the parents, friends, family members and other people in close contact with the patient should refrain from smoking in his or her presence.

One of the things that the asthma patients can do is use the Fresh Air Bottles in order to give a blast of pure and fresh air to their lungs and respiratory system. However, the consultation with a physician first is advised.

Lung Diseases and Respiratory Problems

Conditions such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) can be caused or triggered by rising levels of air pollution. In several Indian metro cities, air pollution is the primary trigger for breathing ailments in children and the elderly.


Lung Cancer

While previously lung cancer was associated with those who smoke excessively, new evidence suggests that indoor air pollution can also be carcinogenic. Adhesives and chemicals used in furniture and computer equipment can release formaldehyde fumes, which are a known cause for cancer. It can be especially harmful to people who live or work in congested spaces, with little or no ventilation.


Cardiovascular Problems

Breathing in polluted air for long periods can increase the risk of heart diseases. Harmful air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and ozone can get mixed in the bloodstream and cause cardiovascular disorders. Particulate Matter is another pollutant that severely impacts the nervous system and cardiovascular activity.


Affects Pregnant Women and New-borns

Indoor air pollution can also have adverse effects on the health of women during pregnancy. The unborn child can suffer from a weaker immune system and may have a lung disorder upon birth. Newly born children also get affected by air pollution as they breathe in more air than adults during their formative years.


Shortened Life Span

Not necessarily a disease, but air pollution is also having an impact on a person’s general health and wellness. Multiple studies point out that the lifespan of a person living in a metro city like Delhi is about three years less than a person living in a cleaner rural or urban environment.



It is a disease (type of cancer) caused by exposure to the benzene vapours and is fatal as well. The WBCs or the White Blood Cells get increased in the amount owing to persistent infection caused by the infection and the respiratory tract is infected heavily.


Safeguarding Yourself from Air Pollution

While we wait for the world at large to come at a consensus about dealing with air pollution, there are a few things to protect ourselves from air pollution.


Prevention of serious health famines

Wear an air pollution mask that filters particulate matter when going out.

Travel in closed transportation to shield yourself from the carbon pollutants flying about in the air.

Make sure that your house has proper ventilation. Install a chimney or exhaust fan in the kitchen to remove the gases released from your stove unit.

Buy air purifiers for your home. Air purifiers with HEPA and activated carbon filters are the best at removing pollutants like PM2.5 particles and bacterial, viral and chemical contaminants. Get a car air purifier to secure your vehicle’s cabin from dust, Particulate Matter and gases like carbon monoxide.


About Air Purifiers

People are increasingly becoming aware of the risk posed by air pollution and have started opting for home air-purifying solutions. More people are now looking for home air purifiers online in comparison to when the products first went on sale. Moreover, the availability of affordable home air purifiers from international brands like Honeywell has also increased adoption.



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