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4 easy & powerful ways to add protein to your diet!

With the innate need to increase our immunity and generate antibodies in the current crisis, proteins are an important source to help you achieve it. Proteins are macronutrients that are needed for the body every day.

For vegetarians whose diet is incomplete without proteins, it can be little difficult to get those rich nutrients into the body. Let alone vegetarians, vegans who do not consume, milk and other dairy products also will need extreme care.

The only way to build those antibodies against the viruses, bacterium and other deadly diseases are through adding protein to your diet.


The 4 rich sources to help you thrive through the odds.

Beans in meals

Adding a rich texture of lentils with beans in the meal can do you really good. You could use a very simple recipe of 100g baked beans with a subtle seasoning of onion crisps and curry leaves. This provides about 6 grams of protein supply to your body.

Lentils, on the other hand, 100gms of boiled in simmering water can grant you 9 grams of profit. Do leave your recipes in the comment box below to share a variety of cuisine and spice up your intake of protein in a creative way.

powerful ways to add protein to your diet

Rich protein bars

A best and fun way of adding protein to the body, it requires no less than 5 minutes of your time. Nuts, berries, crackers, cheese and honey are a rich source of immune boosters. Creating a snack bar with them can yield you better skin health and immunity.

Their snacks are equally good.


Greens with green peas

 Forgetting Vitamin A? One of the lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho says, “the healthy way to increase your protein intake is by adding rich protein meal to your diet every day. It needn’t be a part of a big diet but just a portion of it would do”.


If you’re an eggetarian then all the better, as it provides the basic essentials of proteins. There are supercilious food recipes that help you include eggs in your diet with a most creative way. An egg a day is worth as it enriches your immunity and thus all the components of vitality.

It counters all those transfusable radicals and provides protein to build your body keep you looking younger.

Though is based out on generic diet it is far advisable to include them into your diet slowly and choose products that are organic and free from infections.

More so, because these are the odd times where the virus could spread through any means and we should do our bit in preventing other diseases that could creep in.

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