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4 storming exercises to keep you fit always! 

Exercise is not overestimated it is overdone. Doing the right exercises and building consistency can help your body muscles and bring healthier changes in mind and body.

It adds a feel-good factor that reduces the free radicals that keep you looking younger and healthier. It is a pure means stress buster, fights depression passively.

But everyone has a particular snot point to avoid certain exercises that aren’t right for them. Having a personal trainer always helps you. They help you stay naturally happy without ay intervention of supplements.

Here are the four brisk exercises to combat stress, diseases and depression:



Stay in a confined place? Worry not, many people have this disadvantage over their places and it is the biggest boons too. Here’s why! Find a basketball ring near your place or a put up one in the terrace of your apartment, it more fun and healthy than we estimate it to be.

Not a basketball fan? No problem, on spot jogging in the fresh air can help you neutralize your blood pressure. It helps you calm down and by helping your body learn breathing under pressure.

This COVID – 19 menaces have confined everyone in the four walls of their house and breathing techniques are a must to practised to keep our lungs health on a check.



Need those stretches to ease the muscles down there, right? The simple and effective to bring out the shapes in you. This is known as one of the balancing exercises.

You needn’t have any equipment, can do with or without them. It is the semi-sitting position while you’re standing and each rep will count when you lower your back. Squats can gradually increase but doing invariably more can wear out your knee ligaments.

Doing so with the back straight can help you see results properly without any side effects. Your butt cup curves out with the proper proportions and size.


Yank stretches:

We are either frozen in position or too lazy to wake up those sore muscles. Here’s what can help you beat these mundane blues from lockdown. Complete a set of stretches every time in regular intervals to help your muscles relax and feel alive.

The constraints of no physical activity can lock your muscles from the activity and thus tend to become fragile and poor. You can follow stretches for your neck, back, hands, chest, abdomen, calves, thighs.

Doing so will help you feel relaxed and much less stressed when your work demands you to be seated at one corner of the home. It is also important to not ignore those joints, working so can prevent joint stiffness.

As they complete the strength and flexibility training to regulate your blood pressure, muscles weakness, activity cramps and the other issues. Now, it is time to focus on one of the most important exercises that is a must-do every day!


Breathe deep:

Pranayama, deep soul searching and more, whatever suits you, deep breathing exercises are a must in today’s COVID – 19 world. We have been gravely affected by the deadly virus and the only means of survival is to protect our lungs from damage. It helps you be aware of your breathing patterns and thus any in a change in normal breathing can alarm you about the symptoms of COVID – 19.



  1. Try warming up before you hit the core exercises or heavy workouts, as mentioned above.

2. Your body will retort to dehydration during workout it is important to fuel yourself with water.

3. Wear fitting and comfortable clothes paired with sports shoes without heels.


1. Do not exercise in full empty stomach or soon after food intake.

2. Taking in beverages like tea, coffee no matter the kind of energy boosters they’re. Do not take it.

3. Do not exercise if you are sleep deprived, or haven’t had good sleep the previous night. Your muscles need full revival and rest.


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