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5 nuts to boost your immunity!

No matter where you live on earth, these highly and naturally rich vitamin supply will help you combat certain bacterium by building antibodies. You will set your first line defence with good immunity and thus repair health and growth.

Nuts provide many vital vitamins, minerals and other elements of nourishment no matter which part of the earth we belong to. Be it tropical, dessert or Ice lands. As a result of research, they help contain the nasty flues and lingering colds. Especially, the winter!

Taking precautions to avoid the effects of the flu season are always a good idea, but did you know the mechanism of the immune system and the food that you consume is related?

This is one of the easiest ways to get a good dose of nutrients to the diet and into your body to boost the immune system primarily.

Let us get the key 5 takeaways of the nuts and their nutrient values:

  1. Let us all deny the myth that fat is bad for looks. Nobody like a really lanky body too unless you desire to have one. Good fats are far essential to let prevail the best health and look and therefore immunity. Almonds are the biggest VITAMIN A reservoirs that support healthy skin, strong bones and hell yes, your immune system!
  • To add a fact, they bring out a healthy balance in your body’s PH supporting good digestion and stronger immune system.


  1. Mondays and winters are all likely to be the same, why? Snobby, lazy and feeling those moody blues again? There is one particular nut that cracks the above doze off feelings. It is a powerhouse for iron, magnesium, vitamin B6, protein, amino acids & omega 3tri fatty acids.
  • Also, take stride of the Monday blues by consuming a couple of cashew nuts to be a more cheerful you.
  • It is a great mood enhancer, and can even help alleviate mild depression. Grey days may bring you down but cashews will bring back your smile.


  1. No more sickness! Peanuts to your rescue! They are rich source of resveratrol that act as a barrier against the common flu, viral infections and that ever-stuck office bug!


  1. They are always a way to reach out to them, you know better. Increase the strength of your immunity with brazil nuts. These nutrition gazettes are a rich source of selenium as well as other minerals which fights bacterial infections.


  1. Last but not least, macadamias are rich antioxidants, and full of nutrients such as protein, calcium, potassium and dietary fibre which will give your hair and nails a healthy glow even when the sun isn’t shining.
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