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5 powerful tips for glowing skin during lockdown! 

Are you ignoring the fact that it is summertime and your skin acutely needs more attention? Is the lockdown bothering you? Worry no more, as this article brings the best of home remedies for glowing skin.

Help yourselves maintain the healthy, glowing complexion during COVID – 19 lockdowns using these 5 beauty hacks.


Summer clean!

You might have heard of spring clean your environment every year, but do you know that there is one particular season where the new skin needs extra attention. With the rise in temperature, your skin will need more hydration too.

  • Make sure you very light makeup as too much of it bound to mix with your sweat clogging the pores?
  • Use light to organic facewashes to keep your skin bacteria and sweat-free.
  • Your skin will need double cleansing and hydration at the same time too. Wipe your dipped cotton pads on your face until it comes out clean.
  • Thus, you will not strip the moisture and maintain the PH of the face by not causing any irritation.


Weekly exfoliation

  • It is important to remove dead skin cells from your face before to clog to become grime on your face.
  • Using organic exfoliator or that one that suits your skin’s PH will help your skin breathe freely.
  • Ingredients such as micronized bamboo stem and pumice will deeply purify pores and refine skin texture, while natural fruit AHAs dissolve dead cells in an instant.



Hydration in layers

FYI, deep hydration is the primary factor for radiant skin. It is very important to keep your skin hydrated if you want to look young.

  • Moisturiser is the key to keep your skin hydrated and you will need regular moisturisers are facial organic oils.
  • Rose-hip oil is extremely beneficial for gentle hydration lightening of the dark spots and healing time.
  • Drinking good amount of water always keeps your skin supple and clean from the inside. As the summer lockdown can extend, there might not be any means to get your spa treatments.
  • Take more of water-bearing fruits like vitamin C rich oranges, lemon juice, watermelons and more. They are not just rich antioxidants but the high source of water content too.


Use organic make up

There are many reasons and benefits od organic make up,

  • Firstly, they are chemical-free and cruelty-free (not tested on animals).
  • Secondly, they are manufactured with sources of vitamin powders and add a glow to your skin.
  • Lastly, like these products, starting from your face primers to foundations and concealers are purely chemical-free, there is nothing to worry for long-term use.


Highlighter is the highlight!

With the trending makeup gadgets in the beauty brands, there is always a key product that enhances the glow of the face skin.

  • Highlighter is available in many shades and departmental stores to a certain extent.
  • Using just a highlighter over a light moisturiser can serve the purpose.
  • Go ahead and highlight the dark areas of your skin to give a healthier look.


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