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5 thorough tips to spot fake health news!

The pandemic is a boon and bane at the same time. It is surfacing many other problems of which is fake news boards are very evident, today. This is eroding the trust towards the healthcare platforms.

Beware of the highly alarming and fictional stories that people sell to increase their market value. In India, there are umpteen media platforms that sell and mitigate the truth with any groundwork of the




Receiving heavy criticism for not boycotting the fake news resources, many election cycles, true facts and economical upheavals were misportrayed.

People are more likely to believe the content that airs are spreads very quickly. But here is the fact, fake news cracks the news content for high popularity. However, if it appeals to the audience’s emotions then they believe it.

It is a tough act to scrutinize evert post or news bullet you come across to assess if it fake or for real. However, being critical of it keeps you away from fake news at a large percentage.


The pitfall:

With the high trending news, that lurks for people who buy in the fake news to spread, havoc, panic & anxiety. Though it is good to be proactive in matters of pandemic spread, false information promotes the opposite confusion, panic, chaos and more.

Many websites feed that don’t hold a medical license to promote health news, social media feed that is as disturbing as it is. This comes as a high disadvantage to the medical units that are willing to give away the fact of the situation.

People should make an effort to understand these loopholes to avoid pitfalls with strong probing of the content they see on the above-mentioned feeds. It is always a question of a thin line to differentiate fact from fiction.

But there is always a way if you look for it. It could be relatively easy to find it here, Facebook users have found a easy way to spot the fake headlines. To fight and provide instant feedback within the comment section below can lower the lurking power of bogus posts and feeds.



The Key:

Educating the audience about the fake headlines over a literacy site is a real challenge and Facebook id it by publishing it in over 14 countries. It has broke records of digital media literacy to date.

According to the world-renowned Institute of sciences have published work on tips to sheet people with the content that they come across over several weeks. This published work was based on an experiment with research to calibrate the false news headlines from mainstream articles.

The results showcased that people exercised their common sense and the ratio of the USA to India summed around to 27:18 percentile of the population.


Spotting them:

The challenge here is to avoid the polished deliberate news that provokes an unwanted set of the population to take reins of spreading the same. Actually, there are certain strategies to spot the false news as you keep scrolling your news bulletin.

If something is suspicious, please re-read it or verify the post in a search tool on the web. Investigating further will only help not make any hasty decisions with either social media web posts or e-commerce spends.

Reviews and comments play an important role before you judge about the piece of content available Infront of you. Health product reviews or articles claiming the benefactor of supplements can just be a marketing gig to promote their website.

The above two thought-provoking sectors of online will help you stay informed from a larger viewpoint, and thinking critically about the source will help.

With E-commerce, since manufacturers are taking a bigger chance over marketing and people, they are highly careful wouldn’t mean to mislead their audience often.

Reduce emotionally driven posts from any of the social media feed and encourage more of fact-driven feed.






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