Aisha Chaudhary, The Real Hero Behind 'The Sky Is Pink'

Aisha Chaudhary, The Real Hero Behind ‘The Sky Is Pink’


Aisha Chaudhary: You just have nothing more surprising or shocking to hear from a child whose struggle is far evident in a movie and now on stage. Thanks to TEDx where you could never miss out on the voice of reasons.

Aisha Chaudhary, the 19-year-old who lost her life to pulmonary fibrosis in 2015 has been an inspiration to countless people around the world. This young girl’s remarkable journey and struggle against her illness, inspired Priyanka Chopra’s latest film, The Sky Is Pink. Her book, My Little Epiphanies, that released just a day before she passed away, formed the founation of the film and retold her story of finding happiness in everything around her.

Aisha chaudhary

Far besides the struggle with her lungs, in her TED talk, which Aisha gave in 2014, she speaks about how the idea of death looms around her but it doesn’t stop her from living her life. From finding happiness in every adventure she takes in life, to finding humour even during her hospital visits, Aisha’s words will touch a cord in your heart.

Aisha admitted that her illness scared her, but it also encouraged her to explore all that she could.

In the video, she states that she was barely expecting to herself to make it through, and survive through the breathless nights when her caretaker snoozed off while she kept herself awake to see what is to come. Hope  we realize we have already have a lot to shell in the gratitude for and regardless of the situations that arise, we all are left with one ultimate cure called Belief.


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