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All for a picture

All for a picture

Many of us have drooled over the young ‘Made in India’ lad and envied his chiselled body. But even at 51, this man doesn’t fail to make eyeballs pop! If you haven’t guessed already, we’re talking about supermodel, actor, film producer and fitness promoter Milind Soman.

The Ironman, who recently completed a 517-km triathlon in Florida to become The Ultraman, was in Bengaluru to kick off the second edition of the Cult 10K Run to promote a healthy lifestyle among the city’s residents. In the backdrop of the run was the launch of fitness app

Chatting up after the run, the ever-ready-to-talk Milind says: “It is always great to be doing what I love and it’s even more exciting to be associated with Cult 10k again. I truly believe running is more than an exercise. Besides the obvious physical benefit of increasing stamina, running helps build confidence and inculcates a sense of freedom. I’m sure with a brand like empowering people to live a healthy lifestyle, participation in such events will only increase.”

Milind, according to his now widely popular routine, was seen taking selfies with the fans, as long as they were ready to do 10 push-ups. When he heard people whining about it, he says: “My mother is 78-years-old and still does 10 push-ups and planks every single day. So why can’t you?”

The Ultraman triathlon is considered one of the most gruelling in the world. The three-day challenge includes swimming for 10 kms in open water, cycling for 423 kms and running for 84 kms. Milind recalls: “This was a really good learning experience. I learnt to push my limits and see what I was capable of. The most important parameter of fitness is recovery. Whether you run 10 kms or 50 kms, you should be able to recover soon and carry on with your normal routine instead of resting. I was able to recover quite soon and complete the challenge on time.” This triathlon sees only around a 100 participants. But Milind says it’s all in the mind and that there was a 67-year-old one-legged man who completed the challenge along with him.

With a strong desire to explore, the model says what pushes him to go the extra mile is “To obtain a sense of achievement and challenging myself to the limits.” The avid barefoot runner had taken off his shoes six years ago and since then hasn’t put them back on. “It was after I ran 20 kms that my feet started to hurt, so I took off my shoes and felt a lot better. I figured my feet felt fresher and re-energised. It changed my posture and my style of running. My body responds to the ground directly. I wasn’t thinking how to run. I was running on instinct.” remembers Milind.

He goes on to say that research shows if you exercise for three hours and sit for eight hours, you’ll still die three years early. Laying emphasis on overall activity rather than exercise, he says: “Your body has to be continuously tuned for activity throughout the day. Fitness is about feeling good and responding positively to the environment. If you could do that then you’re fit. Everything else is a by-product of fitness. It is also important to have a positive mindset. It all starts in the mind.” says Milind, who doesn’t want to advice anyone and hopes people discover what to do themselves.

When asked if he follows any particular diet plans, the actor chuckles and replies: “Well not really, I just ate two masala dosas!” He, however, adds that he maintains a good distance from refined white sugar and anything that’s processed more than the requisite amount.


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