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Beer is a health drink, says Andhra Excise Minister

A statement by the excise minister of Andhra Pradesh KS Jawahar has left the nation’s guzzlers rejoicing; political ideologists jaw-dropped. He said that beer is a health drink and he is not making a hollow statement there as he is ready to prove it. The video of the interview in which he claimed this has gone viral.

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According to him, beer is healthier than other drinks because it contains a lesser percentage of alcohol than them. This flawed reasoning drove him to the conclusion that the government should promote its consumption more than other forms of liquor.

“We cannot change people’s drinking habits but we can at least try to make available drinks that have less alcohol,” Jawahar said during a talk show on a regional TV channel to discuss Andhra Pradesh’s new excise policy.

health drink

But the flawed reasoning isn’t the only thing he is talking about. “The health benefits of beer include anti-cancer properties, a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases, increased bone density, prevention of dementia and coronary disease. It also aids the digestive system, treats diabetes and has anti-ageing properties,” he said in a note titled ’13 amazing benefits of beer’.

health drink

If beer is healthy or not isn’t the debate exactly though, it is about a political party wanting to fill its coffers over the welfare of its people through increased liquor sales.


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