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Siddaramaiah’s Statement About Bellandur Lake’s Toxic Foam

The process of industrialization has gained much velocity during the past several years in Bangalore. It is witnessing an alarming depletion of wetland areas and vegetation cover. There is an increase of 1 to 1.5 degree in temperature due to intense urbanization. But recently the pollution level of Bellandur Lake is the biggest headache BBMP. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah assured that the Bellandur lake frothing will be solved but it will take time.

Bellandur Lake


After the city was hit by heavy rains on Tuesday morn ing, people of Bellandur were a hassled lot. All because the Bellandur lake began splashing toxic foam onto the streets. It became absolutely unmanageable for the residents of Orchid Lake View apartments since their apartment complex is next to the Bellandur bridge and this is where the foaming is at its worst. Meanwhile, Karnataka CM, Siddaramaiah said that government is taking action on this matter. He also added that the Bellandur lake frothing will be solved but it will take 1-2 years. But residents are not ready to give the government that much time. They want to see quick results since they are the ones who are coping with the problem. Because their family is suffering from various kinds of diseases like skin and lungs infection.


Bellandur Lake


The lakes have formed several times in the past three years, even catching fire, but the government has struggled to tamp down on the untreated sewage dumping that is said to be the cause for that. The National Green Tribunal ordered previously that all industries around the Bellandur Lake should be closed and imposed Rs 5 lakh fine on anyone found throwing waste in and around the lake. But many industries are still doing that.


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