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Best Celebrity Beauty Salons In India  

Are you on the lookout for celebrity-like beauty treatment? Well, you need not hunt anymore. Here is the list of the top 10 celebrity beauty salons in India.

Have you ever wondered how you can get the look of your favorite super star? You can certainly get the best treatment at celebrity salons. There are thousands of salons sprawled across cities and towns. But no ordinary salon is good enough for celebrities. The kind of treatment that superstars require can only be offered by the elite salons and spas. Visiting a salon that caters to celebrities can be an entirely different experience. The staff is sure to be well-trained, and the amenities and treatments are sure to be state of the art.

Top 10 Celebrity Beauty Salons:

There are many top celebrity salons scattered all over the nation. But if you are a Mumbai resident, then you are in luck. Most famous salons are located in Mumbai and Pune. There are a few good salons in Delhi as well, since Delhi is home to many important celebrities. Bangalore is another celebrity central where you can find some of India’s best salons.


  1. Be Blunt:

There are many chain salons that offer over-hyped services that are not really satisfactory. But at B:blunt, you are sure to feel that you are getting the treatment ‘fit for a celebrity’. This was the main idea behind the establishment of the salon brand by Adhun Akhtar and Osh Bhabani. The brand has salons in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore.

“The Hairdressing industry in India is one of the fastest growing in the world. We are proud to be at the cutting edge.

(No pun intended)!”

– Adhuna Bhabani

  1. Metodo Rossano Ferretti:

Delhi plays host to a large number of international events. For such events, many turn to the salon services of Metodo Rossano Ferretti. This salon was established to offer the methods used by Rossano and Lorenza Ferretti. The salon is famed for offering the services of Dimitri Lafiandra, one of the best hair stylists in India.

The creation of the Method led to a revolution in understanding hair styles. I have written many books about my beauty concept and they continue to lead a series of tailor-made seminars that teach my vision of the luxury experience in the hair business to inspire the best hairdressers in the world, from Shanghai to Tokyo, from New York to Santiago del Chile, from Istanbul to London.


  1. Jean Claude Biguine:

Are you inspired by international fashion? Then get the international treatment at Jean Claude Biguine. The French stylists of this posh salon can offer you international treatment and styles that few other salons can. You need to be in Mumbai to go to this salon, since that is the only salon under the brand in India.

If you didn’t know, the prices aren’t too steep, though it nearly doubles if you go for a more senior stylist {go ahead, your hair will thank you}. Their color but by the looks of two excited clients who were getting blond streaks in their curly bobs, they were happy campers.

  1. Monsoon Salon:

Do not be fooled by the name! This salon is far from a wet dreary disappointment. At Monsoon Salon, in Delhi, you can get the services of famous stylist, Ron Anker.

  1. Juice:

Do you need a quick fix for your hair woes? Juice can be your go-to place! At Juice, you can have your hair styled in 45 minutes. Apart from hair styling, this salon offers much more. You can visit its salons in Mumbai, Pune and Dubai.

  1. Christiaan Georgio:

Located in the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai, this salon also offers quick fixes. This is why so many busy celebrities are drawn to this famous salon. In 30 minutes, you can walk out of the salon with a fresh new hairstyle!

  1. Jawed Habib Hair and Beauty Salon:

Jawed Habib’s well-established salon chain is famed all over the country. But for me, the services of the Delhi chains exceed the services offered by other salons in other cities. At the same time, the brand name draws celebrities to all the cities.

  1. Creme Salon and Spa:

This Delhi salon offers treatments that are offered in some of the world’s best salons. So, you can get international treatments done at affordable rates.

  1. Toni and Guy:

The UK based chain has found its foothold in the Indian market. We see celebrities visiting this famous international chain due to the state-of-the-art services offered here.

  1. Mad O Wot:

This salon was established by famous celebrity stylist, Sapna Bhavani. She has worked with the crème of the film industry. Now, she offers her excellent services at her salon in Mumbai.

Well, now you have a detailed list of celebrity hair and beauty salons in India. Go, pamper yourself and flaunt celebrity-like make-up and hairstyle. And, please don’t forget to share your feedback.

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