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Celebrities to voice out on mental health issues! 

All the novices, press, entertainment, media and many more trimmed down the complete coverage of Sushant Singh Rajput case from suicide to murder allegedly. With it, a lot of new voices and new topics came to light.

‘Nepotism’ & ‘responsible journalism’ have taken a course in a new direction with Sushant’s case. It was shocking when the initial investigation revealed that he was under medication for more than 3-months but wasn’t following his therapy sessions well.

Mental health could trend along for some more time and then seize our outlook when the problem arises with another person or worst ourselves.



Voice of reason

In tough situations:

Besides, anything and everything on social media is more a thread of judgement to call it what they may. Amidst the war of words, let’s not lose what is of importance. Not all of us have the luxury of reaching out to family and friends.

There are many fake tweets and some tweets from celebrities who instead of empathising the demise of a professional actor called it, “it’s no reason to die at all”. Treat noise as noise and reason as a reason for the good of all.



What needs to be done at the pivotal moment when your mind is going downhill?

Everything is pre-monitored series of events or thoughts that will pile up for an unblissful event. Speaking in Sushant Singh words, every math problem has a solution, why couldn’t he remember or so?

No matter the complexity of a situation, there is always a way out. Expecting a low battery calculator to function correctly for a solution will obviously give you wrong results. Likewise, depending on the suicide provoked brain is as dangerous and will yield no help in turn cause self-harm. Relying on others during that moment, even if it means relief for a moment is worth spending time.


Think backwards

After coming out of that momentary suicidal thoughts, it is ideal to self-examine those thoughts and give yourself a reality check. Try watching something extremely positive because the brain works best when you’re happy.


Look for the road bumpers

They are real opportunities to tell you that you’re on the wrong end. Symptoms of depression can turn obsessive and make you an introvert. During which time it is of most importance to remind ourselves, “IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!”. When you stop looking for solutions, you hit a brick wall then it is more important to know that you treat depression as the flu and these thoughts as the symptoms of it. The antidote is still undefined unless gods themselves came down to help you.



Attack it with a mantra!

It could be a noisy world, but there are always ears to hear you out, remember! Positive affirmations are most therapeutic. Repeating it as and when you get the negative or dark thoughts, will help. Let them in, but as the saying goes, “fake it till you make it”. It need not be religious or from the scriptures.

A phrase like, “it is just my assumption”, “be not afraid”, “an answer is coming with it”, repeating them over and over again loudly until your mind hears it. Resorting to positive physical armours such as the phrases above is a counter antidote to these dark thoughts. 


FEAR – False Evidence that Appears Real!

A wise man came up with this thought which is nothing less of value. It has proved to be of real importance in reminding ourselves that fear is only an offspring of illusion.



Looking now into our schools, we had classes to reflect on storytelling sessions that enabled us or helped us believe that every story has a good ending. It is our doing. We may not have a good start; it is our duty to make sure we depart well.


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