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COVID -19 treatment lead to physical & mental consequences!

Across the countries, the governments are taking legible steps to curtail the spread of COVID – 19. The government had banned bigger gatherings in the Kenyan town as the fair Wanjama was supposed to commence within a week.

The reports said that the farmers who were ready to deliver seeds are stranded with them.

Those who were to obtain seeds are yet to be planted.


The update on coronavirus – Agriculture

Looks like agriculture in the Kenyan town is in grave danger as the scarce of food is a foot away. The founder of Seed Savers Network-Kenya reported the seriousness of the situation.

Wanjama is more vexed about the scarcity of agriculture crops that yields despite the horrific weather condition. Though the farmers adapt to the drastic changes in the global weather condition.

A 2019 survey by his company showed 34 varieties had disappeared over two decades in Nakuru county alone.

COVID -19 treatment lead to physical & mental consequences!


The vegetation crisis

As a result, investors spurned neighbourhood forms of yam, arrowroot, sorghum and millet in favour of greater profitable crops.

now, lockdowns and other measures worldwide to curtail the virus are hampering the practices to conserve conventional food plants like those Wanjama wants to store.

Inclusively, forests, wetlands and their local species as reported by scientists and environmentalists.

Green groups and international organisations had billed 2020 as a “super year” for the biodiversity of the planet’s plants and animals, as new global agreements were due to be sealed.

Almost agriculture and vegetation of many resilient crops around the world are under the huge risk of not seeded.

The mental health – Nurses & doctors

The crisis is real and dangerously dramatic. People missing their family members who have been a target to the pandemic have been under great pressure and depressed states. Dread, stress, and anxiety are ordinary reactions to raw or genuine dangers, and on occasion when we are confronted with vulnerability or the obscure. So it is typical and reasonable that individuals are encountering anxiety with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adding to the danger, getting the infected now, for example, COVID-19 symptoms should take note in your diary as a result of contraction.

Confronted with new real factors of work from home, brief joblessness, self-teaching of kids, and absence of physical contact with other relatives, companions and partners, it is significant that we take care of our overall health including our sensitive minds, now.

WHO, along with accomplices, is giving direction and guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic for health workers, supervisors of health services? Allowing citizens to embrace their full potential while taking care of kids, seniors citizens, quarantined and everyone in the neighbourhood for better psychological well-being.


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